6. first meet

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A hear a faint voice calling me , which actually belong to my Mother
" Sweetie ! Breakfast is ready !! "

I groan , I was having a wonderful dream roaming in the cities of London and then my mom takes me back from my dreamland .

" Its been quite late baby , everyone are waiting for you at breakfast ,come !! "

Its none other than my brother ,who apparently seems to be the second enemy of my dream . Well , as my first enemy died yesterday so now ,he happened to be the first enemy of my sleep .

Then his phone rang , and an irritating voice reached my ears and I know he is standing just at my door

I groaned and put my legs down carefully , not wanting to repeat yesterday 's incident .

When I stand up properly in my sleepy phase ,I thank myself internally, for not showing my clumsy talents this early in the morning.

I ran a hand through the mess on my head and move to the door.
I unlock the door and rub my eyes with my hand

I step out of my room to corridor
,Just after two small steps ,I bump into a wall , stumble and was going to have my usual morning hello with the floor

But I wonder , from where the hell a wall appears in front of my room that too in just a night

I waited to crash on floor

But then a strong arm wrapped around my waist holding me to himself, and my hands automatically goes to grab the owner

As far I know , a wall don't have arms or neck .

I open my eyes instantly wide only to see dark brown pair of eyes staring at me .

I just get lost in those eyes which refuse to leave mine .

" Are you alright Amy ?! "

I blink when Ethan's concerned voice reach to my ears

That strong arms helps me stand and then leave me carefully .

" Did you hit something ?! Is it hurt somewhere ?! ....Amy !! Why are you so careless ? Wh-"

I cut off Ethan's rambling

" Ethan , Calm down ! I am absolutely fine !"

" You sure ?! " He asks me again

" Absolutely "

He sighs in relief
" Come down for breakfast ! Or dad will be angry , we have the knight family at  home for breakfast today and-"

I smile widely , knight's are here
I cut him off with

" Okay ! I'll be there soon , I can't wait to meet uncle and auntie "

Saying this I ran back to my room and straight to my washroom

I was so excited to meet them , that I started everything in fast-forward , in just Ten minutes , I was ready for breakfast .

I was so excited to meet them , that I started everything in fast-forward , in just Ten minutes , I was ready for breakfast

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I ran to the hall , skipping the stairs , as dad see me skipping

" Slow down Amelia ! " He says from the head chair in a loud voice

" Amy !! How many time I've told you , not to run in stairs ?! What if you fall "mom says concerned

Okay ! I forgot about being clumsy , I was so exited

I slow down and move towards the dinning table

I hug Auntie Grace and uncle Logan

" Its so nice to meet you again , I missed you "

Auntie Grace smiles at me and uncle answers me
" We missed you too sweetie !! Trust me , if it was for me , I would have taken you to our home , but don't worry ... I will , soon " and his eyes goes to my dad who smiles at him and then they both look at a young man , who sits beside Ethan

What is going on ?!
Why will I go with them ?!
Are they planning something ?!

Offcourse they are !!

They must be planning a family trip

Wow !!
I smile widely at that thought

I love traveling to new places !!

But suddenly , I feel a gaze on myself , I look up to see that dark brown eyes staring at me .

And I realise that , he is that wall , which was infront of my room few minutes ago !
He has dark brown hairs , which seems to be very smooth

I found myself checking him out as he stares at me ,but what I see in his eyes makes me turn my gaze from him

I see coldness in his eyes .

Well , what I have to do with him
It doesn't matter to me , but who the hell he is ?!

" Amelia dear meat Samuel ,my son "auntie Grace smiles

He gives me a smile and I am not dumb not to notice his fake smile

And I also did the same
" Hello ! I'm Amelia , but you already know , as you are at my home "

His expression changes at my words but am not sure to what

Jenna intrupted me " Amy , today you are free , so we are going for dress fitting ! "

" Dresses are ready ?! " I exclaimed happily

" Yeah ! Last time I have to go alone as you were busy with office , mine was loose and yours was not ready but I got a call from designer that it's ready now , so we are going and it's final !! " Jenna explains

" Offcourse I will go !! "

Auntie Grace smiles " I didn't knew that you are a fan of shopping "

" Well ,I am ...but not much ,besides I've waited for this dress so long , I'm her bridesmaid and I am really very exited "

She left out a laugh at my exitement " I wonder , how will you behave at your own wedding "
What ?!
My own wedding !!

" I've no plans fo-i was cut off by my dad

" We are going to announce about our deal in tomorrow's party"

" But dad ,it's Amy's birthday party and we always keep our family functions apart from buisness "

" We should do something different this time , it will be double celebration "

Uncle Logan intrupts
" Joseph , you didn't tell me that you are throwing a party for Amelia's birthday !!...but it's a good occasion , we can announce about the deal tomorrow "

" Yes ! Media will be there and everything will be perfect tomorrow !! "My dad answers

Okay ! Its good that they are doing buisness together but they can announce this later on , in any press conference

Why  the hell on my freaking birthday party !!
One thing I hate most is media's attention

I dont want a grand celebration with paparazzi following hot on  my trail

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