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"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

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"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

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After Luther's rather vocal rejection to lending aid for the upcoming doomsday, Five had tried again to get their brother to see reason. Thea had waved away her help, still upset at him for his apathetic response to such a clear threat.

Does he not realise that whether he likes it or not, this will affect him too?

She'd continued sitting at their little table, sipping on her fruity cocktail while watching the woman dance on stage. She'd adorned herself in fans now that were feather-tipped and bejewelled. Thea badly wanted to snatch them away for herself, unable to quell that small part of her that had developed a taste for unique or pretty things since living in the Malkins Emporium.

Great, I've turned into a bloody Magpie, eyeing up anything shiny within a ten-metre radius. So long as I don't stoop to kleptomania...

Five came trudging back to her and without a word spoken, grabbed her arm and began dragging her through the zigzag of crowded tables.

"Any luck?" she asked, already knowing the answer by his pinched frown. The lack of Luther's towering figure was also a big enough hint.

"Dad should have left him on the moon," was her only reply. 

She snorted in agreement. "So, what now?"

"I have a new lead." Five revealed a small square box and Thea squinted in the dim lighting to better read the scribbled writing on the label.

"Frankel...footage?" she whispered, a little confused at what it was supposed to mean.

"I'll explain it all later, just trust me for now. We need to get this film developed."

"You know I trust you," she said with a smile.

Five spatial jumped them away without a response, though his smile was answer enough.

They landed in the middle of an open area, in what appeared to be somebody's living room. Ignoring the trash spotted around the room and the multitude of gadgets and technology, Thea spotted enough homely decorations to deduct as much. The sofa's looked ratty and worn and the windows were mostly blinded closed but it was obvious somebody lived here. She glanced briefly at Five but shook her head. He'd said he had only gotten here recently, so it was very unlikely this was his place.

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