twistin' the night away

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"In a Wonderland they lie

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"In a Wonderland they lie.
Dreaming as the days go by,
dreaming as the summers die."

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"How long have you both been here?" Thea asked softly, her head tucked under Klaus' chin as they both shared the couch seat.

After a particularly potent set of puppy-dog eyes directed at Five by Thea, the boy had sighed and waved his hand toward them all, allowing them to enjoy a few minutes of catch-up before their conversation shifted into more serious territory.

"Hm?" Klaus hummed, his hands running through the ends of her ponytail. "Since February...'60, I think?"

Thea tensed momentarily at the reveal before letting herself relax again, taking comfort in the sensation of Klaus' hand brushing through her hair. Her scalp tingled at the touch and she smiled.

"What have you been doing all this time?" she asked.

This was what had been bothering her most during her time alone, wondering whether her brother – whom she loved dearly but knew subjectively was a mess without supervision – was doing fine without her. 

She'd been comforted by the knowledge that he at least had Ben by his side, though without being able to tangibly interact with anything himself, it left a lot of opportunity for Klaus to run havoc.

Klaus' hand paused in stroking her hair and Thea pulled back a little to look up into his face. He opened his mouth before pausing again, letting it close like he'd changed his mind on whatever he was going to say.

His expression was too easy to read; the same one she recognised from when they were children and Thea had caught him stealing something of hers red-handed. She didn't think she was going to get an answer out of him until Ben chimed in, his tone darkly amused at her twin's expense.

"He started a cult."

"You what!?" Thea choked, her eyes wide and hands clutched onto Klaus' shoulders.

Her brother winced and shot a heated glare to the empty space behind them, presumably at Ben. She shook his shoulders to focus his attention back on herself and gave him a look that screamed 'explain'.

He at least had the decency to look sheepish, though Thea knew it was more for being outed so suddenly by Ben than any real regret for his actions. 

"What the hell, Klaus? How is it you're left alone for a few years and you decide to not even join a cult, but start your own?"

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