7. Birthday

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It was not at all an easy day .

Are you kidding me ?? How could it be , and especially when you are shopping with Jenna .

So dress fitting was fine , and I just love my dress . I am more than exited for this marriage now !!

After than we go for shopping , as tomorrow is my birthday , and according to Jenna , I am supposed to look ' the best ' as its my day ,her words not mine so....you can imagine what happen with me today

I am so much tired now and I just want a good night sleep

___ ___ ___ ___

Next morning

I woke up to a very pleasant and familiar smell

I sit up on my bed and I look around in my room which has my favourite flowers white Jasmine and I know , this is from my mom and mouthed a thanks to mom mentally.

I smile " Happy Birthday to me ! "

Then taking my time in washroom , I got out in my bathroom robe and head straight to my walk in closet to find a nice good looking dress as I am supposed to be look " the best "today , I smile remembering Jenna

After some time , rejecting every dress , I settle on my comfortable
Denim shots and my white off- shoulder top . I let my wavy dark brown locks bounce on my shoulder upto my waist .

I was just in the stairs heading downstairs


Ethan Jenna , mom and dad stands in the hall sings happy birthday for me ....just like every year .

I ran to them and hug them all .

They all give me my birthday presents .

Then we happily move towards the dinning table .

I see the dinning table filled with delicacies , and all my favourite ...

I was just wondering what should I eat or what not .

But I really can't skip anything and if I eat , I would end up being a football .

My birthday party , which was also a press conference for the announcement of that buisness deal now was in the evening .

Ethan and dad were busy in that ,they didn't let me help them telling me to enjoy my day .

And That's what I did

I go my favourite park with Jenna for some peace but I didn't get any as my phone was ringing every now and then .

Some of my friends rings me wish me , but more than that I recieve calls from news channels , asking about 'what big announcement my dad is about to make '?

Due to this constant interruption I got irritated and I switch my phone off .



In the evening

I got ready ,in my champagne colored dress which I bought yesterday , I let my hairs down from bun which compliments my dress

I wore the jewellery my mom gifted me today

When I almost ready ,I slip into my silver wedges ,which are thankfully not too high

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When I almost ready ,I slip into my silver wedges ,which are thankfully not too high .



As I step out from my car with Jenna , I was immediately blinded with flashes .

I internally groan at so much attention , but put a smile on my face and security helps us to the entrance

As we enter in the hall , everyone's eyes moves to me , and again I put that smile on my face ,

Jenna looks stunning as usual in her red dress .

Party was grand , their were so many people from buisness world .

In that crowd , I see auntie Grace talking to my mom ,I rushed to her .

As her eyes lands on my
" Oh my baby ! Happy Birthday !!...you looks so beautiful "

" Thankyou " I hug her

" I was just asking Marry ,about when were you coming ?"

" And here I am "

" Did you like your birthday party ?! " A voice came from behind and I know whom this belong " by the way , happy birthday dear ...you look absolutely pretty "

I turn around " thankyou ,uncle !!...and I like this party but I don't like much attention !! " I answer truthfully

" Well , I think you have to bare with it today , you will get the utmost attention today !! "

I sigh at that words

I met some of my friends from college in that party .

Soon it was time for cake cutting .
There was a big vanilla cake , my favourite .

I stand infront of my big birthday cake with knife in my hand ready to murder it , actually this is my favourite part of birthdays .

To my left stands Ethan with knights and on the right Jenna with my parents .

I was ready to blow the candels when dad speaks

" Samuel come here ! You are also part of family " who was standing far from me

And I notice , that he is attending my birthday party ,but hasn't wished me yet ....rude !

maybe ,he is here for that announcement .

But why my dad is inviting him to stand by me ?! What is going in his head ?

I sense Ethan getting tensed beside me and that rude bastard who attends birthday parties without wishing the birthday girl stand beside me on Ethan's place while he shifts to stand by jenna .

What the hell ?
Why is he here with me ?!
This man has not spoken a word to me yet and he takes my brother's place .

I take a deep breath trying to calm and get a clear view of my surroundings .

Shaking my head , I blow all the candels and then I cut the cake .

After some time , all were on the dancing floor .

My dad comes with Samuel towards me and mom

He takes my mom's hand and turn towards the dance floor I smile at them

And then suddenly my dad turns
" Samuel why don't you dance with our birthday girl , come both of you have a dance "

My eyes practically pops out of my sockets

Something is fishy
No !
Not something , everything is fishy !!

My dad would never allow me dance with a guy , even if I ask him .

And now he is

" Ahem !! "
I blink my eyes and come back to reality , Mr Rude was standing infront me offering his hand to me with a straight face .

I reluctantly gave him my hand and move to the dance floor

Still thinking what is happening today ??
What the hell my dad is planning ?!



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