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3 day's later...

Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽Harlem, New York

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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽
Harlem, New York.

it's been a couple of days by now and I hadn't heard a word from the boys. I was fine with that because it's exactly what I wanted

my pops was on my ass for the night about me getting a job. there wasn't anything including a job on my mind at the moment

I had been chilling in the room most of the time I left it was to shower and eat, Bakari had tried to have a conversation with me but I ignored him

the only reason why I stayed home was so that my father could get off my back, shit only made it worse for me

I turned my speakers up changing my pants to match my sweatshirt

most of the time I just got dressed just to sit in the house, as I looked in the mirror my eyes hung low looking a tad bit red

hearing a light knock on the door my fathers' beard popped halfway in the room as I took an AirPod out looking at him

"you have company," he said closing the door halfway

hearing a couple of steps coming towards my room I put my face into the pillow pulling the blanket over me

"don't come in," I told whoever pushing my face in

doing the exact opposite I heard them come in the room closing the door. a heavy hand slapped the back of my head laughing

Stupid ass

"Demon, where you been bestie I missed you," Tylil said kneeling to move the blanket from over me

"why your face look swollen?" he changed the topic holding my face up

I turned the other way towards the window ignoring his questions

moving his hands from my face I heard Siah move closer to us looking at me with a mug

"I gotta pee move out my way," he told us

you in my crib—

"you look bad right now."

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