8. The announcement

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As , we move towards the dance floor , i can feel pair of eyes staring at us .

At the dance floor , my eyes meet with Ethan dancing with Jenna as his eyes met mine , his expressions changes .

And I became self conscious ,that I can't dance

Because I don't know How to , dad never let me dance with any guy ,other than Ethan and I always end up stepping on his feet while dancing

Can't blame myself because one , I don't know how to dance and secondly
Hello!! Am clumsy !

So I said that same thing which come in my mind

" I don't know , how to dance "
As much as it piss me to talk to this rude bastard who hadn't talked to me still after meeting me twice , on the top of that , he hasn't even wished me happy Birthday even after enjoying my birthday party , standing beside me while I cut the cake ,but I know I have to tell him my weakness so I don't embarrass either him or myself by falling front face while dancing with him .

I wonder ,did he come from any jungle or something , doesn't he know to how to socialize with others or he is dumb
yes!! This can be possible . I mean I don't think anyone can be this quite for such along time .

" Follow me !! "

I hear a voice and look up only to realise that my thoughts were just absurd , this man has a capability to talk and yes ! He does know how to socialize .

I feel an arm snaked around my waist and a pull which lands me on a rock solid yet soft wall .

I realise this is the same wall which was infront of my room yesterday ,but it isn't a wall.

It is six pack abs!!!

This man has freaking six pack abs !

He does workout

I put my one hand on his shoulder and he grasp my other one on his .

We move slowly with soft music .

Just now , i notice that he is handsome!

Handsome is understatement , this man is insanely handsome .

I avert my gaze from him as I remember that he is rude , mannerless , always with a straight face emotional less bastard.

Who hasn't wished me yet!!

Can anyone really imagine his mentality , he is dancing with me from crying out loud .

I feel an intense gaze on my face

" Happy Birthday !" He whispers slowly

My head snapped to him immediately, eyes widened .

Can he read my mind?!does he have some sort of psychic powers??

Firstly he answers my absurd thoughts with 'follow me ' and now...

I mutter him " thank you "

Soon the song ends to my relief and I internally thank to God and to myself to keeping my most amazing talent for some time to myself .

___ ___ ___

I was enjoying my food with Jenna when Ethan came to me

" Amy , I wanna talk to you come with me ! "

" Just five minutes bro ! Lemme eat it first "

" Amy ! Its important "

He looks very much serious .

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