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𖤐¸𓍢 ━━ ❪ ACT ONE OF SOULBOUND ❫ ˖ ୧ 。

     IT HAD BEEN THREE DAYS SINCE OLIVE HAD SPOKEN TO DEAN—. She tried calling him on her phone, so many times that the minutes ran out. It would only go to voicemail. Olly called Sam in hopes to get some answers, but like Dean, he was radio silent.

Lisa tried talking to her about it, but Olive clearly got frustrated whenever it was brought up. Ben was waiting for her breakdown, but she couldn't do that either. Deep down she still had faith in Dean.

That just maybe, he'd pull into the driveway and explain why he left. He'd hug her, and apologize. That's what she hoped.

It was the only reason why Olive sat by the window, legs pulled into her chest and chin rested on her knees as she stared at the driveway. Waiting.

Lisa stood there for a moment, watching her with uncertainty. She didn't know what to do. Usually, when something happened Olive would cry and plead, now the child just sat there unmoved, with no emotion.

"Olive?" She calls softly. Olive doesn't look away from the window, afraid she would miss something. "Olive why don't we get something to eat?" She suggests.

"No," Olive says simply. "I'm not hungry."

"You said that this morning," Lisa responds. "And yesterday. . ." She leans against the wall beside her, frowning. "Sooner or later everyone gets hungry."

"Then ask me later." She responds.

Lisa sighs. "Olly. ." She hesitates, unsure. "Dean isn't—"

This seems to anger Olive before she could even finish, her little nostrils flaring as she tried to concentrate on the window. "Then you don't know him."

"I know now that Sam is back things are different," Lisa explains. "You know it, too."

Olive doesn't respond.

She knew things aren't going to be the same now that Sam was around. Dean would be gone more, hunting would be more mandatory but that didn't mean Dean was going to leave completely. It didn't mean that he stopped loving her.

Maybe a year ago, Olive would have believed Lisa. Olive would have instantly assumed that Dean would leave her and never look back, and some days she does think it's possible.

Because they weren't the last ones anymore, because it wasn't just her and Dean against the world. but that didn't mean it wasn't her and Dean at all.

"I think we should talk about what's going to happen next," Lisa says. "You'll go back to school. We'll forget all about hunting and supernatural creatures. No more worrying."

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