Chapter 15 - Only mine to Kiss

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Quotes of the day: "Your lips are like drug & I want to get addicted."

"⚠️First read chapter-14 last scene then start this chapter."


Hritika's POV

I started pulling it out with a force but it was not coming out and I heard his painful groan while I look up to see him making a painful expression. I quickly get up from him and made him sit with his leg straight out in front of him whilst his shorts jeans zip looking tight as if something was there but I ignore it for now.

"Are you hurt somewhere? Did your back hit while falling?" I asked him with a panicked expression as he looked at me and smiled but I can tell it's painful smile.

"I will be alright after swimming!" He said with great difficulty and I don't believe in his words.

"Let me help you!" I said, quickly giving him my shoulder as he tried to stand.

After making him stand where beach cold water is reaching till our feet, I turned my back towards him so He can remove his clothes and I heard water splash so I turned to see him already swimming.

I started looking around for telescopic pole So, I can pluck some coconut for our drink and meal. I find a bamboo stick around 7-8 feet long, after lots of struggling I stand it but it's so heavy that it falls down. I grab some small stone-

"Hritika!!" Siddharth shouting came from a little far away.

"What are you doing?" Siddharth voice came from behind as I was ready to throw second stone upwards.

"Can't you see? I am trying to pluck coconut!!" I replied back with my back on him.

"Oh I can see that very well but we don't need-"

"No!!!" I shake my head cutting him off and next thing I know I am being lifted upside down like a sack of sugar on his bare shoulder. Screeching in horror, I thrashed in his hold.

"What are you doing, Siddharth? Put me down!!" I screamed hitting his back, feeling him completely unfazed by movement as his hold tightened he continue to walk further.

"Please put me down! I am feeling dizzy!!" I said acting while hitting him with my fist. In a swift moment, I was put back on a bed made of palm tree leaves.

The dark evening hours were brightened by a rousing bonfire that Siddharth apparently had built near the bed.

From where did he get bed sheet and Also matchbox??

'The bag, stupid girl 'duh' ' My inner voice answers.

"Anyway but it's really beautiful with open sky!!" I said eagerly, momentarily forgetting that I am on the bed as I bounce off it excitedly and fell flat on my face.

Siddharth exploded into uncontrollable laughter, groaning I sat up.

'Wow! you should win Oscar for embarrassing yourself always!' my tiny voice in my head mocked me.

'It's also good that I made him laugh cause people like him doesn't laugh easily! unlike you!!' I retorted proudly.

Siddharth comes towards me and pulled me to my feet, trying to control his laugh. Why does the sound of his laughter make my heart go pitter-patter?

"Are you okay sweetheart?" He asked as I pouted and shoved him away from myself then sat on the bed.

"Of course I am okay it's not like the bed throw me off of it and the ground punched me on the face or anything!" I whined.

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