9. Aftershock

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I still can't believe this , my whole life changed in just few minutes

I could never imagine that my own dad , who has loved me from my childhood would do this to me .

I know , dad is strict ,he has rules for everything but this is my life


How could he take a decision for my whole life as if it's nothing. I've always done everything as he wished ,but this

This is too much

I can't

I can't do this , this is too much .

I can't sacrifice my life ,my happiness and my dreams...

" Open the door Amy !! Amy please ! Amy !!....please open it "
Ethan and Jenna were banging at my room door .

" Just go away !! I don't wanna talk to you , I don't wanna talk to anyone !! Just go away and leave me alone !! " I yell back

" Amy atleast just eat something , you haven't eaten anything from yesterday ... you'll get sick "Ethan's concerned voice came from door .

" Why do you even care ?? Don't pretend that you care for me !! "

" Amy please don't say it ! You know ,I love you !! "

" Oh yea?! I can't see that ,how ?by tagging along with dad to destroy my life ?! ...you knew Ethan !! You knew everything !! And yet you didn't take a step for me , you could have told me earlier !! "I yell back at him trying to control the tears from my eyes which is out of my control .

" Am sorry Amy !! Lemme explain Please!! "

"Explain ?! What will you explain now Ethan , it's all over now , I don't want to hear your so called cooked up explanation !! Just go !!"

" No ! am not going anywhere and you have to listen to me !! "

" Amy open this damn door ,now !! Did you hear me ?! " Its jenna

Its not her fault , why am angry with her

" Yes offcourse I heard you Jenna !! But ,i'm in no mood of company " I stated matter of fact in a calm tone .

" Are you gonna open this door or not ?! "

Sighing I got up from my bed and open that door .

Jenna came inside and sit beside me

I hug her tightly and I cry my heart out ,she knows me .

she knows everything , everything that not even Ethan knows .

She knows I don't wanna be in any relationship ,i dont want to be tied up ,I wanna be free

I wanna fly , I don't want to be caged .

I have seen my mom , she was business woman and she has to drop everything just because she was married .

That is the reason , i don't have any boyfriend , they also do the same

You can't do this , you can't wear this , don't talk to his ,don't eat this , don't this , don't that ...blah blah blah !!

And even if I marry to someone , one day

I wanna choose that man , myself

A man who understands me , who respect me and my choices , my dreams ,my everything .

And I am hell sure that man is not that Mr. six packs

___ ___ ___ ___

"Her eyes are swollen ! She is in so much pain , i couldn't do anything , i swear Jenna! I didn't knew about it , dad didn't tell me anything ....and when I get to know what dad is planning ,I tried to make him understand , but he..."

I woke up to realise that have falled asleep while crying , I hear some faint voice and that belong to Ethan

" No ! Its not your fault Ethan ! You tried to tell her ! You fought with your dad for her , for her happiness " Jenna consoles him

What , Ethan fight with dad , for me ?!

" She hate me now ! "Ethan speaks

How could he even think that I hate him.

"Etha- Jenna was cut off by me

" No ! I don't hate you , how can I hate you "

He immediately hugs me tight

" You don't hate me ?! She don't hate me ! Jenna , you hear it , you doesn't hate me "

" But I am still angry with you "

" I can tolerate your anger but I can't take your hate ! " He Whispers 

" How can you even think about it ?! You know , I love you , you are my best brother "

" Am your only brother !! " He smiles



Ethan tells me everything that happened that day , he gets to know about this in the party and he came to tell me everything but because of uncle Logan he couldn't

And after that it was too late to tell me anything .

Then I push both of them out of my room

Because now , I am done crying , I'm not that sweet , innocent girl who will let her life get destroyed .

I get in my washroom and let the water run through me to make my nerves calm .

My eyes are red and swollen from crying .
I changed my clothes and then I head downstairs for dinner .

Yes ! Its been a whole day , after that party yesterday ,I locked myself for a whole day in my room .

Dinner was quiet as dad was not home , so basically I didn't have that conversation that I wanted with him .

____ _____ _____ _____

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