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Author's POV

Once the boys got home they couldn't help but cry, the were so devastated, their world, the thing that would make them the most happy apart from ARMY the only thing the failed to Protect.

After a couple of minutes Namjoon went into his room and just cried and jumping up and down and accidentally broke the door handle, for Jin....well he just started cooking all of Y/n's favorite meals throwing them away cuz she wasn't here to eat them, Yoongi just went to sleep thinking it would calm him down thinking she would appear on his dreams,

hoseok...he listened to all of y/n's songs she would love to dance to, Jimin was not ok, he was trying to get on y/n's room but taehyung wouldn't let him cuz taehyung was hugging all of her stuff, so instead he locked the door so Jimin couldn't get in, and jungkook...well...he played the video games Y/n would always cheer him when he win.

While everybody was devastated namjoon already knew who did was Sarah...namjoon was definitely going to get revenge he's super sure about that.

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