Chapter 16 - Dare I say I want more!

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Quotes: I don't want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, or be in your arms because that's only my place.

Cover Photo: Siddharth's Luxus LY 650 Luxury Yacht.


Hritika's POV


“Give me you jerk!! RITU!!!” I heard a very familiar from shriek to shout of my name through the speaker that only one person calls me that.

We pulled away from each other immediately, sat right up on the bed and looked towards the source of voice only to see a black luxurious yacht coming towards us.

‘Oh god, they really found us!!’ I cheered in my mind.

‘But we missed our almost kiss!!’ my inner voice cried out.

Instantly, I covered my face upon realisation, what was going to happen again? I could feel butterflies shooting like a bullet in my tummy, strongly.

Peeking at him between my finger who's still sitting looking at me, I spoke.

“Wrap up-” I started trying to make it less awkward as I stand up on the sand.

“No, I mean, you should wrap up. wait, no that came out wrong! We should pack bedsheet and all these things up, is what I am saying!!” My flustered appearance paced clumsily between right and left beside the bed, trying to salvage the situation.

I look up at him to see his body shake with a quiet laugh. Biting on his lips, he shakes his head but chuckles escape him and my cheeks got hot red from embarrassment.

“Stop laughing at me!!” I whined, hitting his chest while he laughs quietly before trapping me on his embrace. He placed a feather-like kiss on my curve of neck where will be definitely a hickey from yesterday night, stopping my movements.

“You are so damn cute!!” He murmurs, pulling away and tucking a hair strand behind my ear that escaped.

“Siddharth, Hritika!!” My eyes widen in terror hearing Daksh worried voice, I turned to see Krittika and Rishi fighting each other like a couple who're standing on the yacht with Daksh beside them folding his hands against his chest as yacht stops on the sand of the beach.

Running towards them, I hugged Krittika tightly who's also rushing towards me and gave her tight-lipped smiled.

“You are gone, babe!!” I whispered darkly to her and she gulped visibly as I gave her a not-gonna-spare-you-this-time look.

In nervousness she had a habit of calling wrong person for help like she must have called my parents and our families. I am hundred percent sure she must have fought a lot with Rishi in worried. I mean she always do things like this.

Meanwhile Rishi hugged Siddharth and whisper something in his ear. Siddharth smirked at me and I turned away shyly.

“Beautiful, missed you!!” Rishi said softly, side hugging me and I giggled lightly.

I never understand why always Rishi never gave me a proper hug??

“Missed you too, Hotshot!!” I replied while he wiggled his eyebrows teasingly looking at my neck. Blushing, I quickly hide my neck with my hairs.

I look over to Daksh who was still standing on the yacht. I assume, Ethan is driving wave runner as he was standing beside it. Siddharth pulls me to the yacht as Daksh motions for us to get in, making me realise that he is upset with me and I don't like it a bit.

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