Chapter Ninteen

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As the week drew to an end Leigh felt as though she was finally back in the swing of things after everything. She had missed being at work and she could tell that the customers had missed her too. Knowing her mother was in Oak View only made her love her job even more than she already did and that was simply because she knew Leanne detested it. It didn't make much sense considering she didn't want her daughter to out shine her in fame and celebrity but at the same time she didn't seem to want Leigh to work a normal job either. But that was no surprise as she knew her mother would only ever be happy if Leigh was living in the shadows of the world she created.

After Leigh had finished bathing she realised that she had completely lost her appetite and didn't feel like socialising with her roommate. She stayed in her bedroom curled up under a fluffy blanket for the remainder of the evening and even though she was exhausted from work and wanted to sleep she couldn't stop thinking about her poor father. Despite kicking her mother out of her apartment she wanted to know more about the terms of her parent's divorce and so she knew there was only one place she would find the answers she needed. She switched on her laptop and downloaded the most recent episode of her 'Life With The Danvers' and clicked play.

A familiar melody played as the show started and in that moment Leigh couldn't believe what she was hearing. The tune playing was hers, she had composed that when she was eighteen and still living at home. She had showed her mother that piece in confidence and now she was using it without her permission. Leigh wanted to turn the show off, she didn't want to sit through an hour of lies but knew for her peace of mind she had no choice. Arguments between her parents were broadcast to the entire nation and quite possibly the world and Leigh felt so embarrassed. She knew that there was no doubt the paparazzi would be right back at her doorstep within the next week begging for any information regarding her father's next moves considering at the end of the show it was written that he would no longer be appearing on 'Life With The Danvers'. Leigh thought it a little ironic considering now there were only two members of the Danvers family appearing on a show that was pitched to be nothing but family unity and love. She didn't see how her mother's show could come back from something like this. She saw one more season in Leanne's future but definitely not more than that.

Leigh knew the industry just as well as her mother, if not better and that was the exact reason why Leanne had come looking for her in Oak View in the first place. She knew she needed her daughter as there was only one thing that would keep the viewers coming back after such a heartbreaking episode. As much as she hated to admit it, Leanne knew the viewers came back episode after episode for two reasons; one was her son Toby who was a teenage heart throb and the other was her soon-to-be ex-husband who everyone admired and adored because of his wisdom in words and love for family. Leanne wasn't the reason for the shows success and that was something she hated but at the end of the day, it was something she couldn't change- she could only learn to adapt. And it saddened Leigh to know her mother's show was the only reason she came to visit because there were parts of her that wished Leanne would change. She's hoped and prayed as a child to have a mother who cared for her in the same way her friend's mother's did and eventually when she turned fourteen her mother told her she was becoming and adult and needed to grow up and forget her childish dreams of a happy family.

The show ended on a close up of her father's devastated face, his eyes filled with tears and a heartbreaking expression Leigh had never seen before. She wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hug because after all, he was still her father and she knew he would always love her. It was late when she wanted to call her father but decided against it and set a reminder on her phone to call him in the morning.

As she waited for the line to connect her heart was audible in her ears pumping against her chest. She was pressing the phone so tightly to her ear scared that she might drop it due to her shaky hands. It had been a long time since she had spoken to her father and didn't know how he would react when he answered the phone.

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