Part 15

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At Heartstrings Music Lable.

Fab 5 & navya at music room.
DE 7 Come to tell them something imp except nandini coz she is busy in meeting.

Abhi:- As you know day after tomorrow is roka ceremony of mine & avni so i want u perform their. Coz we want to see how is ur music where we should correct uh. R u ready for it.

M:- Sure We don't have any problem.

Abhi:- Okey so these two day schedule of your will be decided by ur manager after that u have to follow us.

M:- Sorry to say but we don't have manager.

Al:- What wrong to u manik. Navya is here . She is our manager from last 5 year.

M:- Should i remember u that her contract is over. She is no more our manager. So Miss Navya pack ur bags & go back to India.

Na:- Manik how could u do this to me. U r hurting my feelings. I genuinely like uh don't do this to me.

At the same time nanz enter hear navya talk. Her eyes immediately meet to manik trying to read them.

N(in mind):- Is navya real like manik. Is my love is not that much strong. Is he moving this easily. If he is happy then i will be happy.

M:- Oh just stup the crap navya. Didn't i tell don't this drama in front of me. What u want hear the u become selfish girl who want rich boys in ur pocket. Than let me clear u i m not among them. After my star left u started trap harshad with the help of his sis. Then u create problem in mukti life. Then u is after my brother. Like u didn't remember anything then let me tell u that u really hate my star, my sisy mukti & priya cos of these 3 girl r u not getting a rich boy girl tag. Now u r planning to get me by hook or crook so that u & ur so called friend njoy from my money. Sorry to burst ur bubble but ur plan is fail. U 3 stop interfere in our life. I really pity on u navya that u lost a gem frnd of ur. I make myself clear u r going India & thats finally if u want to stay then pack ur bags & stay where u want but away from us.

Al:- what the hell manik. She is my frnd she will stay with us. Thats final.

N(in mind) :- O my god i can't believe my ears this what she do play with someone life. No i can't her hurdle in my piu life i will send away.

N:- So is ur group final decision that she is not ur manager.

Fab 3:- Yes.

N:- Okey So Miss Navya u better leave our place by today evening. I want other people rather than group. Right Abhi.

Abhi:- Yes babydoll.

Al:- But she is our friend how she leave like that. She will stay with us.

N:- If she want to stay than she will give us rent to us. Monthly rent 50000 £.
We will have 25000£ in advance that today only. If is not then she can leave our place u have 15 min discuss & give ur answer. We will back after 15 min.

After DE 7

Al:- Manik How could u do this to navya? What she do to u? How rude is ur behavior towards her? She is genuinely care for u na she want to help u to forget that bitch. Cut in btw.

M:- Just Stup Up Aliya. Its my decision i made this group if u don't want ruined ur imagine than let her go. I one more word against nandini than u will also thrown like this from my group. If u & dhruv want to stay in my group u have work as per my rule. I don't like remember u always than u r just a band member of mine nothing else. If u think that without u i can't do this album than sorry to burst ur bubble. I can do this album without ur both help & u Miss Navya just get loss from my eye side. Never ever shown ur face in my life.

Na:-Alu babes please do something i really want to stay here.

Dhr:- Navi we don't have this much money for ur rent. You have to go back India. After this album i will manager again that my promise this time ur salary would be triple. U believe me na so back ur back to India & handle aliya fashion house right baby.

Al:- Yes Navu babe u go India u know our fashion house have some losses now u go & deal with some people i will give uh list & i explain how to deal with them. Manik last request can u arrange business class tickets for navi that u can do na.

M:- Ok but it will be cut from ur this salary. Ur salary will be ur acc tomorrow.

DE 7

N:- Hope u decided fair. So how u want to pay by cash or cheque.

Na:- I m ready to go.

N:- Oh thats great. Baby (rey) call mom tell her not to prepared food for one people. So now ur 2 days schedule how u all decided.

C:- Priya can u ... Cut in btw.

Me:- My baby sis is not here for ur band manager i earn more than enough for her.

C:- I know i m not telling her to became our band manager. I m just telling to call my P.A as she has handling my work . My P.A will arrange our new band manager.

Pr:-Cabir band manager is just needed for 2 days after that i will manage u as its my responsibility to look after u as abhi bhai say to me. If u don't have problem than nandy will arrange ur 2 days schedule.

C:- Sure we don't have any problem.

N:- Okey than u have to prepare 2 songs by tomorrow evening. I want best for my brother roka. Its already 10:30 am so ur practice time will be 11 to 1 than 1 to 2 lunch break  2 to 5 u hve to practice. Than u can go home but their also u have practice that will be 7 to 8 then u will be free. & for tomorrow will also same. Ur outfit will be come tomorrow afternoon so if have any fitting problem then tell priya she will handle it. Its okey with na piu.

Pr:- Oh Nandy its always okey.

Abhi:- Back to work all we have do so many work & tomorrow is Sunday so u have home practice.

As the day goes on.
All are busy with their work.
Manik try to talk with nandini but she sleep in living room itself on rey arms.
I look them they all are happy with their relation of she is happy then i will be more happy.

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So finally navya chapter is over here.
Harshad will be entry soon.
Lets see what happen next.

I didn't check this chapter if any mistake than please say me or ignore it.

Hope u like the chapter.

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