11. Phone call

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After some time , I get inside house,to try to convince dad.

They all were finished with their breakfast .

As soon they see me
" Amy , come have your breakfast ! " Mom speaks

" I am hungry mom ! " I answered

" Dad please , just give me some more time ! I don't wanna marry so soon "I cried

" Amy , my decision is final " he stated

" Mom please tell dad-" I was cutt of by mom with

" Amy your dad is right , it's good for you ! I am with him "

" Mom , you always do this , tell me have you ever taken my side , you always support him ....Ethan , please talk to dad , make him understand "

Ethan's face falls " I'm sorry Amy ! I can't do anything in this "

I can't believe this , this is the first time Ethan has bailed on me ,and that too when I need him the most

Tears starts from my eyes

" Ok ! You all just want to kick me out of this house , I can leave , but please dont use this pathetic excuse for that "I yell

Dad immediately answered
" Amy , it's your home , we don't plan to kick you out ,so stop this nonsense and you will marry for sure ! "

I ran from there to room .



I was in my room it was past lunch time

A knock on my door intrupted me from my deep thoughts .

I put my book and pencils down, it has really helped me to calm down .

" Amy , it's me ! Open the door !! " Jenna's voi e came from the other side of door

I lazily go to the door and open it .

" What happened ?! Have you developed this new stupid fantacy to lock yourself up in your room ?! ...Hah ?? Every second day you happen to lock yourself in your room and then I have to come and knock some sense in you ! " She tries to make my mood better with her stupid accusations

" Everything is destroyed Jenna! They all have decided to make my life hell ..."I cried

" Get a grip on yourself Amy ! " Jenna tries to console me

" I can't believe this my family is doing this with me !! can't they see it ?? ...I don't want to marry him ....hell !! I don't even wanna marry anyone "I shout

" calm down Amy ! if u don't want it ...no one can force you to do that , we'll do something ....I won't let you suffer " jenna tried to console me

but their is no way after all this I can calm down
dad was always strict but i didn't expected this from him , and my mom she didn't support me
and I can't believe even Ethan didn't support me
for what ?!
just a buisness deal !!

" we can't do anything jenna ! I've already tried everything ... they are practically kicking me out of this house "

I took a deep breath trying to control myself

" I have to marry that emotionless bastard !!"

as much as I hate this thought I know ..I don't have any other option
I have to do this

After that I tell her everything that happened in this morning , about my discussion with dad

And the result is , I have to marry no matter what . It doesn't matter if I marry that emotionless , mannerless , rude bastard or anyone else ,but I have to marry .

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