12. DATE

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" you should get ready , you have a date this evening ! " Jenna speaks

I scoff " date ! Really ?? "

She roll her eyes at me

" Well , you are right ! Its about time I should start getting ready"
I get up and head to a quick shower .

I head to my closet , Jenna hot on my trail.

She picks up a nice blue dress for me " wear this !"

I frown " and why would I do that? " while roaming further in my closet to find a perfect dress .

" What do you mean by why ?! " She questions me back

I ignored her question completely and as I find something

I pick my baggy jeans and two crop top

I hold the black one in my left while the cream one in right hand

" Tell me ,Which one is better ?! "

" Right ,cream one ! "

" Okay done !! " I hang that back and wear the black one

" Amy , you are wearing this ? You won't wear this to go out , even with me !! ...and you are wearing this baggy to meet your fiancee ?! " She questions

" Yaa , I am " I answered her seriously

" Why are you doing this?!what exactly is going in your head?? "

" Because , I don't plan to impress him , I want him to reject me ! " I answer happily

" But , he has seen you earlier on your birthday party and a day before that on breakfast ! ,He knows you are beautiful !! ...you can't change his mind on that "

" Well , you made a point there but on my birthday party ,I was supposed to be look the best , and the other day ,he has seen me in my PJs with my bed-hair that I know probably was worst than this " I pointed at my clothes

She rolls her eyes at me " this is childish "

" I know ! "

I move to comb my hairs

" give me any idea , so he reject me !! What should I do ?! " I question her.

" You don't need to do anything ,just be natural , be yourself !! " She answers

I frown " I am not really asking you to give me a date advice ! " I answer getting irritated

She laughs " I mean it , just be yourself your-real-clumsy-self , he is a very famous buisness man and right now , you two are on all the news channels , as far I know you are the clumsiest person that walks on this planet ...you will definitely do something ...and I am sure he won't like his to be wife to fall front face that too in public!! "

I think that twice
" Yea ! You are right !! I mean , who on the earth would like to marry a girl as clumsy as me !! "

We laugh together

____ ____

I park my car outside that restaurant

I look at time 5 :16pm

Every man specially buisness man hates to wait .

Yeah !!

I made my first impression bad and I am about to make that worst .

I walk in , as I spot him sitting on a table in the centre looking handsome as ever in his suit .

His eyes roams over my body from head to toe.

I know! I don't look good and I made sure of it .

As I move towards him ,my bracelet get stuck in a tablecloth , I tries to take it out but this is damm stubborn .

Getting irritated , I tries it once more while my hairs has a plan to piss me off more they fall on my face .

I put them behind my ears furiously as my bracelet come out .

As I turn my face I see him standing infront of me .

His jaw clenched , eyes burning with anger .

He is angry !!
Jenna was right , I really don't need to do anything ,I just need to be me ....the real me ...the clumsy me .

" Shall we ?! " He says to me directing towards the table

" Sure! " I said and I wave my hand in my hairs once and I follow him taking a step after him

Bang !!!

The vase on the table is now shattered on the floor .

Oh my ! poor vase !!

My condolences to your whole family !!

What can I do ?! I didn't do it intentionally , it just happens around me !!

The manager came running
I answer immediately
" Sorry ! This wasn't intentional , it just my hand .....and it slipped . "

" Add this in bill!! " He stated cutting the conversation .
Anger visible in his voice .

Oh wow!! Mr six packs is angry .

We sit on the table

" Hi !! " I greeted first

" Hey !! "

" So you wanna meet me ?! " He question

" Well , I think it's the other way around as you called me to meet but still ...I wanna know you ... it's a big deal for me, my dad just told me that am getting married to you and I don't even know you "
" It was quite clear from your reaction , you were so shocked !! "

" Yea ...I guess you would have given the same reaction if you were on my place .... guess,it's not a very good surprise for your birthday !! "

" Believe me ! Mine reaction would be worse !! "

" Maybe so "

A waiter intrupts us

" Ladies first ! "

" A glass of plane water please ! "
There is no way ,I am going to eat with him ...to make this meeting a date .Even if I haven't had anything from morning .

" You haven't ordered ! "

I roll my eyes at him internally

" well, I am not in a mood to eat , Maybe a Latte ! "

" Espresso without sugar ! "

He was looking at me curiously and I was feeling weird .

I am feeling dizzy , maybe because I am fasting from last night .
At that exact moment my phone rang ,I look at the caller ID Home .

" Excuse me , just a minute !! "

I stand up , take a two or three steps ahead and pick up the call

" Amy , are you alright , why are you taking your anger on food ...you haven't eaten any-"



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