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I haven't decided just yet who her love interest is going to be only because I have quite a few options and I wanted to know what you guys thought:

1). Scott McCall

— Scott already has a crush on her and that won't change. he's liked her since they were kids but started dating Allison because he didn't want to cross that line with Olivia.

2). Derek Hale

— Derek definitely has a soft spot for Olivia which will be shown in the story, one that he hasn't really shown anyone else(maybe other than Scott or Isaac). But is it enough for a romance?

3). Lydia Martin

— I feel like Lydia would be head over heels for Olivia and they would easily balance each other out with their similar yet different personalities.

4). Cora Hale

— I mean, it's basically a female version of Derek Hale who already clicks with Olivia. Cora is very protective and guarded so I think someone like Olivia would certainly balance her out as well.

5). Anyone Else

— If you have any suggestions on any other romantic interest, feel free to comment just so I can get an idea on who you guys think would be the best. I won't do Stiles(obviously), Isaac(only because I'm making them have a family bond, almost as if Olivia is the pack mom and he's her cub), or any of the Winchester's or Castiel. This starts in season 3A of teen wolf and season 12 of supernatural, btw, so remember that when you comment.

I love hearing your opinions and thoughts so please don't hesitate to do so. Thanks!

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