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Word Count: about 3.1k 😳😳😳
Warnings: tdeath, mentions of anxiety, sadness. I think that's it pls let me know if I missed any.

A/n: okay I know I said I was taking a break but I got hella inspired after I finished read They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, it's a great book that I highly recommend. I will now be taking my break!

Summary thing: in this Au, you receive 2 dates one is when you meet your soulmate and the other is when you die. You get these dates the day before you meet your soulmate.

P.S. according to wiki fandom, Steve is 19 in season 3 which takes place in 1984, this takes place in 1985 which makes him and the reader 20!!!

She had woken up to a burning sensation in her left arm. She hissed at the feeling and grabbed at her wrist, she felt the pain slowly go away. She hesitated  and kept her hand on her wrist. She was nervous yet excited about the dates that had shown up on her skin. The anxiety building up inside of her was what finally made her remove her hand.


With her eyes wide and her breath hitched in her throat she couldn't believe what she was looking at. She would meet her soulmate tomorrow and die tomorrow. That was a lot to take in at 6:30 in the morning. She only had one day left with her family and she would only have one day with her soulmate. The universe is really fucked up.

She spent the first hour of her morning mourning over her life, she was happy with the life that she lived. She was proud of herself for making it this far, she felt content. She just wished she had more time. More time with her family, more time with her friends, with her soulmate that she hadn't met yet.

She had to tell her parents, she knew that they still had 25 years until their death date, she had one day left. She would tell her siblings next, they hadn't received their love date or their death date yet they were still too young. She was still too young. The walk to her parents room felt like it lasted an eternity, it was only a few feet away from her room but, time felt like it was standing still.

She finally touched the doorknob and that's when the tears started flowing. Her parents had heard her sobs from the other side of the door and ran to her. All she could do was point at the bottom date on her wrist. All her parents could do was sob too.

After the moment that they had shared in front of her parents room, her parents took the day off of work. Y/n wanted to plan her funeral, her parents weren't ready for that yet. So instead she wrote her last wishes down on a piece of paper and left it on her desk.

She spent her day with her family. She wrote them individual letters for them to look at after she passed. She took pictures of herself and of herself with her family. She just didn't want to be forgotten by her siblings. She needed them to remember her years later when they tell their children stories about their aunt Y/n who was gone too soon.

It was midnight, she should be sleeping but it was officially her last day on Earth and the day she would meet her soulmate. She got dressed and decided that she would start on her search for her soulmate. She woke up her parents and told them what she was doing. They understood and begged her to be careful. She chose to walk instead of drive, she stuck to sidewalks and walked on her neighbors' grass if she had to, she even had a flashlight so that oncoming cars could see her.

Steve had been driving around aimlessly, he was supposed to meet his soulmate today and die the same day. It really fucked with his head, he was gonna have less than a day with the love of his life. He had said his goodbyes to the party and Nancy, and to Joyce Byers, and to Hop. His parents were out of town and weren't picking up their hotel room phone. Which fucked with him even more as he left his voicemail for them. Their kid was dying and they didn't have the decency to call him back.

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