Chapter 15

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~Victoria's POV

I open my eyes to see the moon shining beautifully from behind the transparent curtains. I look over to the dresser and glance at the alarm clock to see that it's past one in the morning.

I turn to the other side to face Xavior, who is peacefully sound asleep, his slow pattern-like breathing brings ease to my soul. All of a sudden, the events of what happened a few hours ago makes its way sneakily into my brain.

I blush at how good I felt and how loud I must have moaned his name. I get up slowly, trying to remove his arm from my waist, without waking him up. I successfully remove his arm without causing any trouble and make my way out of the bed. I find my panty and slip it on as well as my sweatpants.

My throat feels awfully dry, maybe that's why I woke up, I think to myself. I make my way out of the room and head straight to the kitchen. The house is so silent that it's almost deafening. I try to walk as fast as possible yet quietly so that I don't wake anybody up.

I finally make it to the kitchen and try to stop myself from doing a small victory dance because I found the kitchen without any help.

I open the fridge to see many drinks, but I grab a water bottle from the wide variety of options . I drink it's refreshing contents with ease and can't help feel a sense of satisfaction of the cool water running down my throat.

I walk out of the kitchen and notice the back door. No one will mind if I just took a peak of the garden. I say reassuringly to myself. I open the door slowly to the back yard and slip out.

The nights air is somewhat chilly, but I enjoy it. The cool breeze brushing against my skin, the fresh air making its way into my body, the beauty of the garden makes me feel like I'm in a whole new world.

I hear some noises in the distance from where I stand and it sends shivers down my spine, and not the good kind . My instincts tells me to be alert and quiet.

I walk slowly towards the sound, could be a small animal or one of the guards, I voice out. I walk with caution to find one of the guards laying unconscious on the ground.

All of a sudden, an arm of a man, wraps itself around my neck. Panic immediately rushes through my veins, as the man drags me away from the unconscious guard, I try to scream, but his hand is covering my mouth.

I bite hard on his fingers and the self defense techniques my father taught me when I was younger begins to kick in. He let go of me to tend to his finger and I turn around to see a man with a mask. You can take him. I hear my father's voice ringing in my head.

He looks up at me, but I can't see his face because of the mask. "You little bitch, you bit me, you fucking dog." he says while making his way over to me. He swings his arm to punch, but I predict his move and duck. Fast as lightning I struck him square in the face.

He looks shocked while wiping away the blood from his mouth. He becomes angry and charges at me again. I notice the way he moves as if he is about to kick me. He uses his left leg to kick me, but I block it with my arms.

I grip his head in my hands and smash it on my knee, not gonna lie, that hurt like hell. He stumbles back, reaches for his side and takes out a gun. He shoots, but misses, due to him being a little dizzy, I scream at the loud bang, and I hear guards running towards us.

I run to the intruder to take his gun, when I have it in my hands I start smashing the gun on his face over and over until he becomes weak and unconscious. I am so focused on smashing the gun on his head that I don't notice Xavior and the other guards watching.

When I get tired I let go of him and watch him fall to the ground, I look up to see about five guards and Xavior looking at me with shock expressions and then back to the body on the ground. I let go of the gun that's now covered in blood and step away from the body.

Xavior walks over to me and brings me into a bone crushing hug. "When I heard that gunshot and you not in bed beside me, I couldn't help but think of the worst" he says with concern. I look up into his eyes and see the immense worry that he has and I gently place a kiss on his lips.

One of the guards speaks and we look to see him inspecting the body. "Damn Boss, she really did a number on this guy, luckily he's still breathing so we might be able to get some info." I step away from Xavior's hold and immediately miss it, but I want to see who this guy is.

The guard takes off the intruders mask only to come face to face with a man that looks around my age. Xavior searches him and finds a camera hidden inside of his jacket.

We all look at the device in his hands with confusion, before we could do anything, Xavior places the camera on the floor, takes the man's gun and shoots the camera aiming perfectly at the lens.

He hands the gun over to the guards and turns to me. "Where did you learn to fight like that?" Xavior asks with genuine confusion. By now the guards has their attention on our conversation since its hard to believe I could do that to someone.

I reply by saying " When I was little, my dad use to train me in case I ever got bullied or robbed" they all look to each other as if communicating with their eyes. But nevertheless, Xavior nods and speaks to the guards "Take him to the basement, we will question him once he wakes up, if he wakes up" this time Xavior looks to me and I look down in shame.

He lifts my head up and speaks again "Don't be ashamed, my beautiful Victoria, it was either you or him" he says and I nod, "Oh, by the way, there is an unconscious guard laying by the trees" I say pointing to the back of me.

He looks at the direction and nods "Go inside my princess and wait for me in the living room. " he tells me while slightly pushing me to towards the direction of the house, I don't hesitate and begin to walk towards the house.

When I'm inside, I head into the nearest bathroom to wash my face, I can't believe what had happened, what if I didn't go outside, would he have shot us in our room? I know Xavior and his line of work and how dangerous it can be, what if I wasn't prepared for his attack, I would have been killed.

I splash the cold water on my face to stop my thoughts from getting out of hand. I walk out of the bathroom and head to the living room where I will wait for Xavior.

I see him coming in, with his guard speaking in Italian, sometimes I wish I could understand what he says.

He finds me sitting on the couch and dismisses his guard, he walks to the couch and plops himself right next to me, he puts his arm around my shoulder and brings me closer to his body.

We sit in silence until he speaks up. "You are going to train with me and I will teach you everything I know about how to defend and fight back" I look up at him "Why?" I ask sitting up straight.

He sighs and rubs his face. " I have realized that I'm not always going to be there when you need saving, and it sucks and I hate it, but it's the truth, I will feel so much better if I knew you can handle and protect yourself when I'm not there." he says, his voice is filled with dread and I can't help but feel bad that he thinks it's his duty to always babysit me.

I'm not sure whether to feel loved that he wants to always protect me, or feel scared that there will be many situations like this where I have to protect myself because of him.

"I'm sorry that I dragged you into this life, I know that was selfish of me, but please just train with me." he says with a hopeful look in his eyes.

I have no other choice but to say yes, I can't believe this is how I'm going to have to live, always looking over my shoulders and hoping I'm better prepared for the next attack.

"Okay fine, I'll train with you." I say to him. He places a light peck on my lips and pulls me upstairs to his bedroom.

Once we're in bed he holds me tighter in his arms and cages me in his hold. Half of me feels safe and secured, but the other half feels limited and afraid.

Xavior begins to run circles on my stomach, putting me at ease, I sigh in content and drift off into a deep sleep.

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