Chapter Twenty

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Monday came around quickly once again and mid January was no warmer than anyone had expected. But despite the winter chill there was a warmth inside Leigh that had been there ever since the night Brett kissed her in the barn. Even though the ceiling was beginning to collapse around them and the barn was dirty and dusty she didn't recall any of that when thinking back to their kiss. Brett had somehow made the kiss romantic despite being in the most unromantic place she could think of and that gave her butterflies in her stomach. She missed him that weekend but didn't allow herself to dwell on their kiss too much. Leigh knew how she felt but how Brett felt was a complete mystery to her as she didn't understand how he could go from hating her to suddenly wanting to kiss her. But she knew that mystery would remain unsolved- at least for a while.

She drove to work that morning a little earlier than needed so that she could check in on Jamie. During the time he had been released from hospital he stayed in the farm house and the entire time she worked she hadn't seen him. Leigh had every intention of visiting him the Saturday previous but he had told her that he wasn't up for visitors and just wanted to rest. She told him that she would visit on Monday morning and true to her word she pulled the car up beside the shop, deposited her bags inside and made her way over to the farm house. After knocking on the door and being told to go straight in she was first greeted by Maggie who was standing at one end of the living room. At the other end sat on the couch with a young child seated next to him was Jamie watching television.

"Good morning Leigh," Maggie said with a kind smile.

"Morning," Leigh smiled back and then turned her attention to Jamie. "How are you?"

"Like I've been telling my Mom I am fine. But I guess you don't believe me either?" He said in a sarcastic tone and attempted to shuffle his body to face their direction. He flinched and tried to disguise his pain but it was clear as day to both his mother, Leigh and his young niece sitting beside him.

"Hi..." The young girl spoke in a quiet voice and waved at Leigh.

"Hi sweetie. My name is Leigh, what's yours?"

"Rebecca..." She said. "I'm four." Leigh noticed the faint sound of a British accent mixed with an American playing on her lips.

"Rebecca is my granddaughter, isn't that right my little flower?" Maggie said approaching her granddaughter and ruffled her hair. Rebecca nodded. "I wonder where your Mama is. Do you wanna go and find her and tell her I have someone I'd like her to meet?" Rebecca nodded eagerly and hopped down from the couch. As she passed Leigh she gave her a grin that spread from ear to ear and then disappeared out of the room.

"I cannot believe that," Jamie said shaking his head in disbelief.

"Me either," Maggie agreed.

"Believe what?" Leigh asked as she approached Jamie and took a seat beside him on the other side of the couch.

"She's very shy, it took her a while to talk to me again after being away for so long but she seems to really like you," Maggie told her with a confused shrug.

A moment later a woman around the age of twenty-seven walked into the room with her young daughter walking beside her. Her hair was blonde and her eyes as blue as the sky that day and it was clear that she got her looks from Maggie.

"Annalise this is Leigh she helps me out in the shop," Maggie told her daughter and then turned to Leigh.

The woman, Annalise smiled politely at Leigh and then crouched beside her daughter who was clinging to her leg. Just then it was evident how alike she was to her mother. They had similar features and Leigh could tell that Annalise was the spitting image of Maggie when she was younger. Her blonde hair was long and wavy and her eyes were blue and it was safe to say that she looked nothing like her brothers. When her gaze connected with Leigh's after making sure her daughter had climbed onto the couch safely she turned back and stretched out her hand in greeting.

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