the family reunion...again

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"How long is forever?Sometimes, just one second

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"How long is forever?
Sometimes, just one second."

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When the three of them had arrived back at Elliott's place, Thea, Five and Diego made their way up the stairs – Lila nowhere in sight. Thea had asked Five what had happened to the girl but her brother had just waved her question away, sending a pointed look Diego's way.

Thea had pursed her lips, slowly understanding the situation. So, Five finally snapped and confronted her, huh? I guess his patience would only last so long...though I do hope she doesn't end up being as bad as I'd feared...

It was early morning and Thea felt the exhaustion like a weight upon her shoulders. She'd hardly slept since this entire ordeal had begun and she was yearning for a few hours of decent shut-eye.

Her thoughts were soon cut off, however, when she finally reached the top of the stairs and froze when her eyes landed on her brother, who faced them with a guilty expression.

"Luther?" she asked, surprised.

She took in his appearance, narrowing in on the bruises on his face. At least the cuts didn't get infected.

"Hello," Luther replied with a sheepish expression, waving his hand a little awkwardly at the tense atmosphere.

Both Five and Diego looked mostly non-plussed at Luther's reappearance, however, Thea hadn't moved from her position at the top step, eyes a little guarded as she stared back at her brother.

"What are you doing here?" she finally asked, getting straight to the point.

Luther didn't say anything for a few moments and Thea believed he wouldn't reply, but then, he opened his mouth and said softly.

"I'm sorry."

His voice was thick with emotion, the corners of his eyes drooping slightly in sadness.

"For what, exactly? You'll have to specify your many wrongdoings," Thea said a touch bitingly. Her jaw was tight and her eyes narrowed ever-so-slightly.

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