15. Old friend

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After so many days , I am happy today . everyone is happy today here , atleast whom I want to be happy they are .

I smile as Ethan and Jenna exchanges their rings . They took their vows and seal them with a kiss .

They both were are so happy , and that makes me also happy .

After this , we move towards wedding celebration .

Jenna drags me to the dance floor and dance like crazy teenagers at the dance floor with a music that can burst ears .

After some time we came back and Ethan introduces Jenna to some of our business colleagues and long lost relatives whom even I haven't seen in years .

As I turn around , I saw the most unexpected person standing infront of me .

Mr six packs!

" Hi " I muttered

" Hey " he answers

I walk ahead as he walks besides me
" Are you avoiding me ! " He questions

" I wish I can, by all means ! " I retorted back .

" Well ,as you know this event is filled with paparazzi and buisness tycoons , and our parents don't want them to know about our little secret so - " he trails off .

" they dont anyone to know that I don't want all this , I got it " I completed for him

As i pick a cocktail drink and gulp it down .

I really need a strong one now , knowing Mr six packs gonna stick to me for the whole time .

" So .." he offers me his arm to follow his lead .

And it leads me to the dance floor.

" You know I am not good at this !or you are planning to make me the headline so that may benefit the shares but lemme tell you one thing this ain't gonna help , it will be other way around !! I whisper yell at him

" I wasn't planning any of that , and you were not too bad ! " He Whispers

" Oh yeah?! But what I remember is that I stepped on your foot thrice ...last time " I retorted

" So you are worried about my feet ?!... that's nice. Let's see , how much you've learnt from last time ?! " He pulled me to him so I land on his chest that is hard as wall.

" I ain't worried about you at all !! " I snap at him

We danced together , while doing
So I nearly fall thrice , and he saved me..... THRICE !

As he led me out of that dance floor , I let out a sigh of relief .

" Come , I gotta meet some people ! " He says

"Why don't you just meet them ...by yourself !! " I mutter to him

" You know , we have to be together ...so now , you coming ?! "

" As if I have any option ! "

And here starts my misery , he and his boring talk , I nearly slept there

And after almost two hours ,his talk was finished .or may be their was still more to it .

So he started talking to someone else again.

And by god's grace my phone ringed.

" Excuse me ! " I muttered and ran from them well practically not .

After I cut that call .

I walk back in the party

And suddenly I collided with a girl

Whom I  haven't seen in quite a long time and don't wish to either

Her face alone can spoil my whole mood

" I am so " I was going to say sorry when i see her face I stopped .

" Sorry " she completes for me with a smirk

" You should be ! " I give her a smirk.

" Pardon? " She questions confused by my retort

" I don't want to" I walk past but she comes infront of me

" 'I am so 'you were saying? " She trails off wanting me to me complete my words

" I am so not sorry "I Give her a too sweet smile.
" Excuse me ! " I said to her and walked past her

" You are afraid! " She speaks behind me that makes me turn

" I am not afraid of you "

" Just admit it Amy , this is the only thing you are good at , you walked out back then and you are doing it again "

" Look , I don't want to argue , it's a special day for my brother , for Jenna and also for my family ...I don't won't to spoil my mood  today ! So ...another time ! " I turn around

" I hear ....you have a fiancee now ! " I roll my eyes at her words . This was the sole thing missing in my life ,now I need to listen about my fiancee from my ex boyfriend's girlfriend .

" You hear it right !now , I confirmed it ...so go on your way and let me go on mine "

" I also hear it's a arranged marriage ! "

I turn to face her she continues
" I knew it , you won't be able to find a man for yourself , so your dad has to do it for you ...but don't worry if he is much older that you or he is an ugly bag of bones .... He will love you and be loyal to you  forever ! ...atleast I hope that for you ....and I am sure your dad would've find a rich one for you ...so money pays every wound !! So best of luck for your future ! " She says to me sympathetically .
As if I am a sympathy case , how dare she ?!
Her words make me go out of my control and boil in rage

" I don't need your wishes besides you don't need to worry about me and my futu- " I stopped when I feel a hand on my waist, I put my hand on that and I turn my neck with speed of light to check who the hell dares to touch me ...but i loosen my grasp on my hand at the sight of his owner

Mr six packs

"I missed you , where have you been ? " He cooed , as he pulls me against him and closing the distance between us both .

I gasp , as he caught me off guard
He looks at me softly and it is a hint to play along .

Firstly I smile at him " I got held up ! "I say apologetically .

" Ahem ! "

" You are ?" He questions her

" I am Britney , bride's cousin! And an old friend of hers " She introduces herself and points at me .
Friend of mine ? Is she kidding.

" Pleased to meet you !and I am Samuel knight , her fiancee! " Mr six packs says to her looking at me

" Dont be! " I mutter to him.
He looks at me confused .

There is really nothing to be pleased about meeting her.

Britney speaks" well , you shouldn't leave him alone ,be careful ! they say history repeats itself !"

This bitch

I laugh " Well , you see he can't even stay five minutes without me ! So keep advice to yourself besides he is not a kid ! " I mocked her.

" Let's go ! " I smile at Mr six packs .

He stares at me with confused eyes but do that.

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