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"Am I a mess?" I ask as I lean back against dusty pink chaise and sigh heavily

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"Am I a mess?" I ask as I lean back against dusty pink chaise and sigh heavily. I roll my head to the side, pouting at Vera who was sitting like the goddess she was beside me. 

She sighs slightly and gives me a pitiful look, "Hay..."

"Oh for fucks sake, I am a mess." I cry out as I bury my face into my hands and rest my elbows on my knees. "How did I even get like this?" 

Vera sneers, "Men." 

"Fuck men." I groan as Vera wraps an arm around me and rests her head against my shoulder. I take my hands from my face and drop them. 

"Fuck men!" Vera repeats as the store clerk across the room clears her throat. We both give her a sheepish, apologetic look before turning back to each other.  

This morning Vera, Penn, and I got up early and came to the only wedding dress boutique in all of Holden Bay. Even though Vera was adamant on flying Penn in a dress from Milan, Penn wanted something a little more simple. She's such a wholesome cinnamon roll that I'm constantly worried Vera or I will corrupt her. 

But so far so good.  

"He's coming back, Hay. We all know that." Penn sings out from behind the curtain where she was changing into the umpteenth dress of the day. I mean, damn, for a tiny shop they sure have a hell of a lot of gowns. 

"I for one don't know that." I sigh heavily, "What if I just messed everything up? What if he finds someone else who doesn't fuck everything up like I do? What if he finds someone...better." 

"There is no such fucking thing." Vera chuckles while shaking her head, "You are the only person for Chase. Everyone else he meets is just boring as fuck, simple as that." 

"He better not be dating someone new and I'm here crying over him every single fucking day, sleeping in his sweatshirts and waiting for him to come back to me like the soppy, sad ass bitch I am." I explain as Vera giggles lightly. "If he is, I won't have a single problem going to jail for first degree murder." 

Vera nods in support, "Me too." 

"Me three." Penn says as she steps out in the most pouffiest dress I had ever laid eyes on. Penn gives us a very sad and pitiful look as her shoulders sag, "...So?" 

I slowly glance at Vera out of the corner of my eye to see her doing the same thing to me. Then, a split second later we erupt into a fit of laughter. I double over, clutching my stomach as Vera laughs loudly beside me. We were both dying of amusement. 

"You guys are suppose to be helping me." Penn groans as she struggles to stand up on the tiny stage surrounded by mirrors and glances at herself in the mirror. She groans,  "Oh god." 

Her remark makes Vera and I laugh even harder as I throw myself back and recline my head against the back of the couch for support. My stomach felt like it was going to split open any second now. 

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