Chapter 15

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"Catalina sweetheart, you don't stray away from us" Catalina looked up at me with her beautiful eyes

"Sorry Teo" her small frame hugged my legs.

She really knew how to make my heart pounce.

"I didn't know he had any friends" I looked at the boy, he seemed so sweet and cute.

"Come on little one the others are waiting" she looked towards our table and smiled and ran over there

"Sorry about that. Catalina is a very nice girl and I hope she carries on being friends with such a cute little" I ruffled the boy's hair.

I walked over to the table and she cuddled into Austin, Austin sipped his coffee and looked down at his newspaper. I could see his friends from last year talking about us, Myles was starting to get nervous

"Just ignore them Myles" Catalina looked up from 'reading' the paper and looked worked

"What?" her little voice was so cute

"Ignore Ice cream we're getting you later" I could see all the annoyed faces on me now, she won't let this go but I'd rather not make her sad.

"Catalina would you like to see Remi and Kayden today" she looked up at Elliot with a smile on her face and dropped her fork

"Yes pwease" she bounced up and down excitingly from her seat.

"I'll take her" Braxton got up and walked around the table to pick her up.

"Bye Catalina" Elliot waved goodbye.

I looked around at the boys and we all seemed exhausted even though we haven't done anything in days. I looked up at the tv for the activities to show up, kayaking that sounds fun.

"Let's go kayaking" Austin rolled his eyes and groaned

I sipped the tea that was in front of me, waiting for Braxton to get back. Hopefully, he comes faster or else the spots for kayaking will all be taken, just in time he walked through the doors and sat down next to Austin

"How was she?" Elliot asked leaning forward to Braxton

"Very excited" he smirked and placed his hands on the table

"We're going kayaking come on" Myles stood up almost as excited as Catalina was and headed for the door, Austin was complaining as usual.

we all walked to the open water and found the kayaking shed, we got to the front of the queue and the guy seemed a bit intimidated by Austin, I wonder if they met before.

"Can we have 5 kayaks please" Myles looked around the shed, looking at all the photos of past campers and councillors.

"Unfortunately we only have canoes left" Austin laughed and started to walk away but I held onto him so he wouldn't walk out the door.

"That's fine, I'll go with Austin and Myles, Elliot and Braxton can go on the three-man canoe" Austin groaned again and tightened his fists like a baby.

We sat on some logs listening to the safety briefing with our life jackets on. We grabbed our canoes and got on the water.

"You know who would enjoy this?" Austin balanced his paddle

"Who Austin. Who would enjoy this more than you?" I smirked.

"Catalina, what time do we even pick her up today?" I stood still, I don't even think Braxton asked

"I'll ask Braxton" I pivoted my body round to see Braxton, Myles and Elliot arguing over the last paddle

"BRAXTON" I yelled from across the lake

"WHAT" he let the paddle go so it was just Elliot and Myles battling it out

"WHAT TIME FOR CATALINA?" I yelled it was starting to get embarrassing because everyone was looking.

I saw Braxton turn instantly around and swear at Myles and Elliot as the last paddle was nowhere to be seen, the current was pushing Austin and I farther out, In the distance I could see Catalina on a little boat.

"Oh, shit Austin there's Catalina" Austin's head basically snapped in the direction I was looking.

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