A dare

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Rose's POV
"Rose,he's still not yours,you guys don't.." "He. Is. Mine" I said to Veronica,with my jaw clenched. "Okay,okay he is yours,umm where did you keep your medicine,Rose. You need it,your eyes are getting red" replied Veronica as I forced my eyes to close. "Upper bedside table drawer,can you please fetch it for me?" I replied as Veronica ran to my bedside table,and fetched my antidepressant.

I have been suffering through this insane anger issue since childhood,which basically gets triggered whenever anyone tries to mess with my sentiments and emotions towards a certain thing. I remember pushing my ex to the wall,almost cracking his head open,because he had told me that I tried to use my aunt's death for some sympathy from Mark and the others.

It's absolutely fine as long as you torture me,beat me to death,or insult the shit out of me,but no one speaks a word against my selected loved ones. That would be the last day of their worthless lives. Have been feeling strongly for Eran nowadays and unknowingly he has become a kind of an obsession for me. A deep desire. A challenge to make him fall for me. A dare to make him mine.

My phone buzzed in receiving a text from Eran,whom I absolutely forgot to reply. The game has been started. It's a do or a die situation. Either I'll make him fall for me,or I'll do something that he isn't left with any other choices but to forcefully live with me,cuz hey. My eyes are on my next prey. My Eran.

Eran: "Hey,you there?"
Rose: "Of course"

Eran's POV
"Maybe Daisy" I typed in for the text as a reply to Rose's previous message. The conversation was getting real juicy,that I didn't even realize that I have been sitting on my couch from the past fifteen minutes,whereas I had started to talk to this angel while biting my nails to death out of being nothing,but extremely nervous yet again a weird kinda excitement.

It had been about ten minutes now where there hasn't been any reply from Rose.

Did she find my previous text offensive as well?! But there's no mention of the word, 'babes' so what's up. Ughhhh

I think,I should wait for couple a minutes,maybe she isn't really able to intake the fact that a guy who is the demand of so many girls,is legitimately talking to her right now. It's fine,shit happens. Okay,it's getting late now. Fine,leave it,lemme just text her.

Eran: "You there?"

Tick tick one

Tick tick two


Rose: "Of course"


Eran: "So,when's your birthday?"

Is that offensive? No it's not,come on I'm not asking about her age or weight.

Rose: "24th October"

What. In. The

Like,it's only two months to go. I seriously need to win her within these two months,to throw her the best birthday party of her life.

Rose's POV
"Did you see,he seems really curious to know about my life?" I asked Veronica,smiling stupidly. She sighed and said a yes,which basically gave me the idea that her answer was actually the opposite. I typed.

Rose: "24th October"
Eran: "Oh,only two months to go for your birthday"
Rose: "When's yours?"
Eran: "January"
Rose: "Date?"
Eran: "Sure,where would you like to go?"
Rose: "No,umm,I meant,when's your birth date in January"

"Oh my God,look at you,why are you blushing so much" said Veronica as I legit felt my cheeks getting a warm red.

Rose: "22?"
Eran: "You are close"

"Oh my gosh" said Veronica,in a fit of laughter. "What's so funny?" I asked,smiling as well. "Never mind my dirty mind,just continue with the texting" replied Veronica,still laughing to death. I rolled my eyes at it,and continued to text him back.

"Girls" mom called us out,as we threw our head backwards to see what she has to say. "Jenna would be coming in our house,in a while and she would be staying here for couple a weeks,since her uni classes has begun and I have invited her to stay at our's"

Are you kidding me

Well yeah,I have got a huge amount of problems with this girl,Jenna who is my cousin from my mum's side. She used to be my best friend,and as of now,she's the biggest enemy i have since the time I had exposed her cheating on her boyfriend in front of her squad. No matter how close anyone is to me, I would never ever support anyone who has been cheating on their partner and playing with their emotions.

To be continued
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