Danger upon arrival

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These hours of driving were nerving. Even though we've been driving for a long time now, I still don't feel the slightest eased. Annabelle and I have talked here and there, but I'm too tense to keep a conversation for longer than 15 minutes. I've been thinking like a mad person too. I had to contact my soulmates somehow, but unlike Nitri, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't pick up on an unknown number. Nothing seems like a good idea. If I try to get their attention with magic, there's a big chance I'll also get attention from the unwanted. The best I could do right now, was to drive to Topanga, and hope that they might see me somehow.

As we neared the town, Annabelle noticed something. It was a red car. She said she had seen it a few times before. Same model, even same licence plate the last three times. More paranoia. Just the thing I needed, but at the same time, I wished she would have told me earlier, so I could have tried to figure out something. If this car held people who were after Annabelle, I had to protect her. We were very close to the town, so I had to quickly think. Should I take another road, and lead this other car to another place, where I might be able to confront them without other people getting involved. Or should I drive into the town, so if a fight broke out, there would be witnesses, and maybe the base my soulmates were at, would notice it too. I didn't want to involve innocent people, but I think that a lot of witnesses would be better. I know that if they saw Annabelle Rex, they'd go crazy and definitely make a big commotion. Driving into the town went fine. The red car drove off somewhere, and I told Anna to keep an eye after it. While the car was out of sight, something else caught both of our attention. Something was going on at one of the houses in the distance. A group of people were standing in the front yard. At first it just looked like some ordinary thing, probably a get together, but coming closer, something was clearly wrong. The group of people were all wearing uniforms, except for two. Judging by their clothes, one of them was probably the one living in the house, or being investigated. The other.. I wasn't sure at first. Maybe the leader? No, his clothes just didn't look right.

Suddenly things went really fast. A beam of light appeared somewhere in the mountains. It was short, but the light was so powerful that it was blinding. Annabelle noticed the red car again. It was now driving towards us. It was clear that it wanted me to drive off to the right, but I decided to be a little reckless. So instead of turning, I kept driving forward. The group in front of the house were now circling around. Some went into a van that I now noticed, others stayed and looked at where the light shot from. The boy being investigated, looked at our car. We were close now. Only about 50 metre away. I don't have super vision, but there are certain things I can recognise from afar.

He was one of them... but didn't he live in San Francisco?

The red car drove by us. I didn't look, but I think Anna did.
"Okay, Miss Rex. Listen, I have a plan. It's risky, but I'm willing to do that for your safety"
I said, not taking my eyes off him.
"We'll stop at the house with the people. You stay in the car, while I'll figure out if they are willing to help. If not, I'll protect you"
She just nodded and said a quiet "I trust you, dear", before I stopped the car and went out. Two agents were already making their way over to me. Were those guns two others near the van were holding?
"Hey miss"
The agent to the left said. Her voice was strong, but she wouldn't scare me.
"Yeah, hey. I'm here to talk to young Tucker over there"
If these agents are from SHIELD, they don't seem to recognise my suit.
"Sorry ma'am no c-"
Before the agent could finish his sentence Alex ran by them.
He yelled.
"Hello Alex, nice to meet you too. You're with these agents I'll guess"
Alex was a year older than me, but seeing him now, he somehow seemed much younger. Like he was still just a teen.
"Y-yes. What are you doing here? A-are you here to help look for Aya too?"
Look for Aya? What did he mean? Before I could ask him, the red car came back and crashed right into my car. I quickly turned to see that Annabelle had made it outside in time, and I ran to her side with super speed.
I yelled.
"This is the Six Souls holder. I trust that you will keep her safe"
The other person not dressed in a uniform was getting closer to us. Then I felt it. That unforgettable sting of one's burning soulmark.

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