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Tylil Reed Moore🏙Harlem, New York

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Tylil Reed Moore🏙
Harlem, New York.

Siah stood by the door talking to Demon before we could leave out

"we only gonna be gone for a couple of hours," he spoke as she just looked at him

not gonna hold myself she looked dumb good today

"I'm going home today anyways by the time you get back I'll be in my crib,"  she said lowly

he straight-faced her shaking his head

"no, you not"

"how you gonna tell me I can't go home fucking weirdo," she sucked her teeth putting a thicker sweater on guessing she was about to leave now

Siah grabbed the duffel bag and took it with him as she followed behind us

"bitch give me my shit"

I never saw her out of character like this...

turning around he grabbed her up pushing her body against the wall

oh wow...

"stop fucking playing go back inside you'll get ya stuff when I come back," his voice echoed against the project walls

with that being said she sniffed going back to the house shutting the door behind her

I definitely saw Demon as a little sister or something but she did have her times when she looked amazing

"don't even say nothing to me," Siah said before I could open my mouth

"I will bang ya head into the elevator nigga," I bucked at him pressing down

today we had planned to go see my grandmother so I could make sure she was straight

"ima tell Hilda about you cause I got lots to put my grandma on about," he told me getting off

"bitch that's not your grandmother kill ya self!"

we went to the car driving off making it there on time. making sure we didn't smell like weed or alcohol I sprayed myself again just in case

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