No one can change the fact

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Rose's POV
"I really hope she's not going to stay in our room" I said,brushing my fingers through my dark hair locks,complete disgust replacing my merry face expressions. "I don't think so,anyways just calm down,when is your class tomorrow?" asked Veronica. "I'll be right back" I said as I opened my door only to find no one but Ms. Jenna Hodgson standing by my door.

"Hiii girly" said Jenna as she pulled me in for a hug and also whom I hugged back because my innocent aunty,who's Veronica's mother was standing in the living room with a 'awwwww sooo sweet' look plastered on her beautiful face. I patted her back to let go of me as she brushed past my figure to go and see Veronica. I gracefully closed the door of my room and marched to my aunt,keeping in my mind to not look insolent at all.

"So,umm aunt,where is she going to stay?" I asked ,fiddling with my car keys. "In your room sweety" she replied as my least fake smile made it's way out of my face as if someone gifted me one piece of an eaten apple referring it to be an Apple IPhone for my birthday. "Veronica is staying as well so.." "Hey I'm getting a call sweety,I'll be right back" said Aunt as she walked away.

"How are you baby" called out the ugliest possible voice for me. "Fine,what ab.." "No matter whatever you do honey,you won't be able to forget me" said Jenna with her eyes glittering because of the excess amount of glitter smeared on her eyelids. I gave off a wicked smile and looked at her. "If I wanted to forget you,you wouldn't have been standing right here in front of me,in my own house" I replied as I turned to walk back to my room.

"So when am I meeting my dear sister's new pawn,and tell him few of your sweet little secrets,umm what was his name again,oh yeah! Eran D'Souza,right?" said Jenna. I sighed.

People loves to invite their own death,and dig their own graves. Why?

"Oh Jenna,why don't you start worrying for yourself girly? Because you meeting up my Eran is something which is only possible in your dreams,because I would be plucking your beautiful eyes out of your face the moment your poisonous gaze falls on his pure posture and talking to my Eran is absolutely out of the question" I replied,smiling wide.

"But I must say,this pawn of yours,I mean Eran is much more hot than your previous.." I grabbed her face and pushed her towards my living room library crashing down all the books from it as my eyes continued to slaughter her chocolaty brown gaze on me. "Next time,think twice before speaking anything about him" I said as she stared fiercely into my eyes. "He's just a guy and for him.." "He isn't just a guy,he's my whole keep your distance from.."

"Oh my God,Rose leave her." shouted Veronica as my fingers continued to dig deep into her delicate neck. I let her go as she starts to choke and gasp for air. I start to walk away and Jenna once more opens her filthy mouth to speak. "This isn't over Rose,I'll tell him about the amount of guys you have used just fo". I cut her off,starting to laugh wickedly and marched in front of her.

"You remember sending your best friend,Rachel to my ex with the intentions of  exposing me,who was later found in her room bleeding to death,one late night?" "Hey listen you little brat,don't try to .." "I had already discarded that beautiful blonde bestie of yours in her room whom you had sent to expose me,if you remember her still. But I'll deal with you in the end,you know what they say,save the best for the last" I said brushing past her as she continued to stand there along with Veronica.

Eran's POV
I continued to watch my favorite anime character,Goku on my phone attentively,sipping on the cold coffee my younger brother prepared for me. I swear he makes the best coffee out of this whole entire world,which I never appreciate because I love teasing him to death. Wonder where Rose disappeared while talking to me. She seemed quite interested in talking to me,moreover was being kinda cute with me but she's a girl who holds a ton of attitude hooked up in her tiny nose.

"Eran,dear could you go and pick up Markie from her school today,our driver isn't home yet" said mom with her beautiful face which always manages to soften my heart and ease my tiredness no matter how much worked up I'm. She's my whole world. There has never been a single day since my birth when I had lunch or dinner without her feeding me. It's like a chemical reaction allergy which works in me,that whenever I eat something which is not fed by my mother,that food never gets digested and ends up giving me a terrible food poisoning shit. I seriously love her,she's my cute teddy bear. My mother.

"Sure mom" I replied smiling as she walked back to her room. Wonder where Rose went,leaving me,dangling on the edge of the cliff. She's also mine,my little baby.

Rose's POV
"I think you should tell Eran,about your past" said Veronica who was sitting with her legs crossed and continued to stare at me as I picked up a colorful dress for today's class. "Since when did you start wearing colorful clothes,I thought you liked Black?" Asked Veronica as I smiled,picking up a red outfit and began to think about my Eran and walked in front of my mirror. "Before Eran came into my life,yes. Now, I'm incomplete without the radiance of light,the glow of feelings,and the colors of love and they are all Eran. Basically,Rose is incomplete without Eran" I replied,looking towards my outfit,reflected on the mirror as I hallucinated Eran hugging me from the back.

"That's so sweet,but Rose,don't you think Eran should know about the deeds of your past?" said Veronica as his hallucination disappeared,a frown quickly making its residence on my face. Tears started to gather in my eyes as I replied, "No,because I can't afford to hurt him,if he gets a hint about my past and the truth of me,he will go away from me and I don't wanna lose him,Veronica.." I replied as a tear escaped my eyes.

"Hey,don't cry,okay don't tell him anything but still,I hope you .." "yes yes,I have changed,I'm no longer the same person as I used to be,I only love Eran,no one else and he has to love me as well." I replied holding her hands tight. "It's his choice Rose.." "No,it's my decision which he has to follow because he's mine. He will have to love me,or else .." "okay calm down Rose" replied Veronica as I sat back on my couch.

He's mine and no one was ever born to change this fact,and if anyone dares to take him away from me,I'll rip their livers off their worthless body.

To be continued

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