Chapter 24

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My mouth hung open, before I shut it tightly. I tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let up on his grip.

"You never explained to me." He mumbled.

"Pardon?" I raised a brow, slowly turned to face him. His head was down, to which I sighed.

"You can't even look me in the eye, and you expect me to actually believe you miss me?" I turned, only to be spun around again, and greeted by his eyes staring down at me. He was standing taller and looked into my soul. I didn't even notice that he is now the same height as I.

"Why can't we meet again? Explain it to me, please..." His voice broke down towards the end.

I took a deep breath in and sighed as I turned to face him fully. His eyes were still shaky when he was gazing back at me.

I gently took his hand off my arm and held it in both of mine.

"My father wants me to marry you." I muttered.

"Huh? Is that a bad thing?" He suddenly perked up. Then as if realizing what he said, his face flushed bright red.

"I-I mean if you don't want to-" I covered his mouth before he could further embarrass himself.

"He wants me to marry you for the money." I said with a light pink blush across my cheeks.

He grabbed my hand and slowly pulled it away from his mouth.

"I don't mind, if that's what it takes for me to still be with you." He said seriously. I froze in place.

"Woah...he practically just confessed..." Jody murmured, eating some crunchy snack that was in a bag.

Her words, once again, snapped Edwin from his trance. His face flushed again, and he averted his eyes right away.

That alone made me want to tease him. His reaction was just so cute.

Then I leaned in and did something crazy.

I kissed him on the cheek. That sent him off. He fell onto the ground even redder than before.


I laid next to him, wrapped in the warmth of his arms.

It's crazy, everything we've been through.

Almost all the memories with him are great ones, almost...

(The Night of the Ball)

How dare my only two friends ditch me. Where even are they?

Jody downed two drinks right before it even started and ran off somewhere. She got lost in the crowd before I could even comprehend her location.

Edwin and I danced together and then poof!

He was gone too.

I avoided drinking, for multiple reasons, including my father's constant drinking problems.

People were dressed so beautifully. That pink haired girl was center of attention. I hated to admit it, and it might hard for me to admit because of my jealousy, but she is so pretty.

I watched as she danced with Edwin's roommate. It was an oddly hypnotizing experience and before I knew it, the time flew by.

Next thing I know, I see pinky walk out of the ball with the boy. I swear she had a fiancé...

"Colette!" A movement startled me as Edwin wrapped his arms around me. He reeked out alcohol and seeing the full bottle of wine in each of his hands, that explains it.

I managed to take them from him and dispose of it, but not without a struggle. I was sweating by the time I succeeded though.

"How much did you drink?" I grumbled as I dragged him down the hall, trying to get back to his room.

"Notttt that much." He breathed into my neck, making me flush slightly.

This dunce is going to get it once he is sober. I clenched my teeth.

"Where is your key?" I asked as I finally reached the door.

"Um" Edwin rubbed his neck with his eyes shut.

"Cordell had it." He shrugged tiredly.

I rubbed my temples as I was about to knock on the door.

I heard some scuffling in the room, before it went quiet and Cordell peeked his head out.

"Yeah?" He frowned. I ran my eyes over his appearance, His hair was ruffled and his face was flushed. He had a sort of lopsided grin and-

My face flushed bright red. He had kiss marks all over him. From his neck, down to his-

Ohhhhhh shit he's naked. Keep your eyes up and stay calm Colette.

Edwin took a step between us and wrapped me in his arms, with his back facing Cordell, my face now being burrowed in his chest.

"I uh, have your roommate." I mumbled.

"Cool, uh I'm kinda busy, so you can just keep him." Cordell relied, though I couldn't see his expression, it didn't matter because he shut the door right in my face.

"You have to be kidding me." I grumbled as I pushed Edwin off of me. I could only thing of one place to go. My room...

"You saw it didn't you." Edwin whined as I dragged him along down the halls.

"Saw what?" I asked.

"His p-"

"No!" I objected as soon as I could tell where the conversation was going.


"Let's stop talking." I rubbed my head as I continued to drag him down the hall by his hand.

Once I finally got back to my room I fiddled with the keys, going in.

I set him down on Jody's bed, since she wasn't back and loosened his shirt, just to help him breathe...

Next thing I know, he fell asleep.

Then I changed into my night gown and laid in my bed and was engulfed my drowsiness.


My body feels so heavy. I rolled around, trying to get comfy, before opening my eyes.

My eyes widened at the fact that just inches away from my face was Edwin's face. I felt his bare skin touching mine. His chest and abs were firm...I tried to move away but his arms were around me.

Why is he in my bed?

I didn't even have time to think about the possibilities more, before he opened his eyes.

"Oh hey Colette." He have me a lazy grin, shutting his eyes, before widening his eyes and sat up.

As if on cue, Jody comes in. She looks at Edwin, shirtless in bed with me. She looked as if she were to say something but decided against it as she rubbed her messy hair.

It probably looks so wrong right now, especially since I pulled the blanket over me more, as if I had something to hide.

"I'll talk to you both about this later..." She sighs.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I glanced at Edwin, who looked at me with the same expression.

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