Chapter 30

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Iris POV

My eyes flutter open, and I immediately shut them again due to the bright light. Once my eyes have adjusted I sit up and notice everyone deep in thought. I notice yoongi on my right, he looks worried. I put my hand on his cheek. He snaps his head to me looking relieved and exclaims

"Cupcake! Are you okay? Do you hurt? Can I get you anything?"

I giggle as the 6 other giants rush over to me. I simply open my arms and they all rush to hold me. They all look extremely worried. Once they release me, I say


Jin: "princess, you have nothing to apologize for."

Iris: "really?"

Namjoon: "no starshine, you don't. But we are going to go home now, so you can rest. And we have tomorrow off, so the company can check the fire alarms to make sure they don't malfunction again."

Iris: "Then let's go!"

I then notice Yoongi and Jimin still looking down. I knew why. They were the two who made it to me. They feel bad for not being able to keep me from passing out. I walked between then, kissed both of their cheeks and ran out of the room down to the car, where Cherry would drive us home.

-time skip to next day-

I wake up to my phone buzzing. I get six messages. I ignore them. I am happy in my cocoon of blankets and pillows and plan to stay here for a few hours. That is until I hear a vlive notification. I stick my arm out from under my warm cocoon and snatch my phone. I click on the notification to see Tae staring at the camera. He waits for a bit, waiting for people to join before speaking

"Hey ARMY! As you know it's 11 am. And our girl is still in bed. Well we miss her so we decided to see who could get her out of bed and down here to watch a movie. Everyone else texted her, but that didn't work so I started a live. Iris, are you watching?"

I type in "yes"

He then pouts and says

"Then come down here I misssss you"

I type in "No, I'm in a cocoon of blankets. You can come to me :P"

He reads my comment while the rest of my boys crowd around him. He then says

"Then you leave me no choice, Iris, I don't think my singing has been as good lately."

At that moment 3 things happen. One, BTS looks at him like he's crazy and immediately starts grabbing every available pillow to hide them from me. Two Jungkook takes the phone from Taehyung and says

"Well if you are going to be murdered I will at least record it."

And finally ARMY were spamming the live with nice things to taehyung.

But me? I was ripping the covers off my body grabbing the biggest pillow I had and running down the hall screaming


When I enter the room I throw the pillow full force at taehyung and say

"You take that back! You are one of the most talented people I know. Don't you ever forget it. Okay?"

Tae: "Don't worry Petel. I know. You tell me everyday. You tell all of us how amazing we are everyday. We won't ever forget, and if we do you'll always be right there to throw a pillow at us and remind us of how wonderful we are."

I blush as he turns to the camera and says

"ARMY, see how much she loves us. She always lets us know how amazing we are, and she shows us some of the amazing post of social media from you guys, that always make us smile. So thank you for all the wonderful things you post about us, and thank you for supporting us! Borahe ARMY!"

He then turned off the live, sat next to me on the couch and pulled me into his side. I cuddled into his chest, while Namjoon pressed play on a movie. What movie? I couldn't tell you, because being in the safety of Tae's arms took me right back to dreamland.

A/N: okay I know this is short but I really wanted to get something out to y'all. I love reading you guys' comments. They truly make my day.  I'm still trying to figure out a schedule for when I can write, but I will figure it out as soon as I can. I purple you!

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