Chapter Twenty-Two

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To keep her mind off of the evil things her mother had done Leigh, as usual, threw herself into work. She took fewer and shorter breaks throughout the day and kept her focus on the tasks at hand knowing that if she had a free moment her mind would drift to thoughts of her mother and anger would fill her to the core. With only two weeks until Annalise and Harry's wedding the barn was finally coming together and it was all thanks to the time and effort both Leigh and Brett had put in each evening.

It had been a short month since that memorable evening in the barn but nothing had come from their passionate kiss. As Leigh painted the wooden panels that lined the walls with bright white paint she couldn't help but think back to the way Brett had pushed her up against it and connected his lips to hers in a moment of passion. But now she was standing in an over sized shirt of his which he had given her to cover her clothes and glanced up to where they had their first kiss. Brett was up there sitting on a chair at the small desk seemingly completely oblivious to her being there.

But for him that wasn't the case. He knew she was there and if anything more aware of the fact. Since the evening he had asked her to help him fix up the barn as a surprise for Maggie and kissed her he found himself more and more surrounded by her in his thoughts. Brett often wondered what she was up to when she wasn't at the farm and wished he could talk to her and ask her how he day was going. But when she was at the farm he couldn't bring himself to speak more than a few words to her- most of which were civil and work related.

Six months- he'd known her for such a short time and yet he knew the way he was beginning to feel deep inside was something special. But there were two things that a man like Brett had in life that stopped him from going any further with his feelings. One was the farm. His entire purpose in life was Donne farm and he almost lost that once because of love and the second was his pride. It had taken a lot for him to admit to Leigh that he was wrong before and it had taken even more for him to apologise. In the early months she had been in Oak View Brett had seen her around town and each time a wave of unexpected anger would wash over him. He often wondered whether it was the way she carried herself that he despised or the way she walked around acting as if she were better than everyone else but in the end he came to realisation that it was neither of those things as Leigh didn't do that at all.

When she first arrived in Oak View she had made sure to tread carefully as if to not disrupt the community in the small town but despite Jamie telling his older brother this was what he suspected her to be doing Brett refused to believe it. He couldn't understand how someone of her celebrity and fame could move to a small town in North Carolina for no other reason than to simply live there. He'd set his mind on the fact that she was in Oak View to hide out before jumping back into the spotlight and making a return to the big screen. But that couldn't have been further from the truth and Brett only now understood that and he was thankful that it wasn't too late.

He'd channelled his anger and hatred he felt for Alexis onto Leigh for so long that he had forgotten how to act in a friendly and gentlemanly way. Nine years ago- before he even knew the name Alexis Morgan- Brett was a simple man and was always kind and caring but heartbreak changed him and now all these years later he struggled to find his way back.

He wanted Leigh to help him find his way back but his pride just wouldn't allow it. Despite her forgiving him, he was sure there must have been a small part of her that still despised him for what he did. He didn't want to over step the line between employee and employer, because that was what he was, after all- even though his mother insisted that he was just as much an employee as anyone else on the farm's payroll. But that wasn't the case as his mother could never fire him but could do that to Leigh.

He glanced down at her from where he was sat on the second level running the wiring for the lighting. The sound of her quiet singing could be heard which put a smile on Brett's face. He listened in only hearing a couple of the words she sung but it was enough for him to know that the song she was singing was an original. He had never heard her sing before- not even on the show she was well known for- and he was stunned to hear the angelic voice enchanting him from across the barn. Even though her voice was one of an angel the tone of the song was somber and the words heartbreaking.

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