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The rest of the Saints were restless. From the tiny camera placed on Frank, they were able to watch everything that was happening as he was taken away by those scumbags. Even they knew the amount of men they had was too many compared to what they had. If they were to go in there, it would only end in the slaughtering of the Saints.

They needed to play their pieces wisely. However, at this point, things were not going as they should've been which left every single member on the edge of their seat. At any point, the camera feed could show something none of them want to see which left them even more on edge.

"Has Frank given any orders?" Drake asked Leo as he sat before the makeshift computer set-up that showed Franks camera feed and audio feed.

"Not--" Leo stopped, holding his hand up, the room suddenly silencing. "Are you kidding?"

"What? What is it?" Drake asked, Leo holding his hand up again and silencing him.

Leo was concentrating hard on the audio that played in his headphones, taking in every single word and syllable Frank spoke. It left the rest of the members on the edge of their seat, waiting for what Frank had to say. 

"Crazy bastard," Leo grumbled, removing his headphones and turning back to look at the rest of the crew. "He doesn't want us infiltrating."

The men sighed and groaned in defeat.

"He wants us to do something else," Leo continued, catching their attention once again. "It's bat-shit fucking crazy if you ask me."

"Now's not the time Leo! What the hell did he say?" Drake snapped, Leo sighing heavily.

"It's for Ryan."

The whole crew turned and looked at Ryan, his brows furrowing. 


"Well, well, well," spoke Charlie's fathers' voice as the man finally entered the cell, standing so he could look at both Charlie and Frank. "Your brother really did a number on ya, didn't he little Charlie?"

Charlie had regained consciousness again, missing the men who came in moments before to drag Frank away from beside her. Her eyelids were heavy. The blood on her arms began to dry, a few of her wounds still slowly bleeding. 

Her father laughed hysterically. "Oh, Devil," he said, looking at Frank. "I bet you're just boiling over, aren't ya? I bet you just wanna slaughter every motherfucker in this goddamn place, don't ya?"

Frank's gaze through his mask was locked on his face, burning with pure rage. 

"Now, I'm curious," he began, pulling out his switchblade and flipping it between his fingers. "Where's your little crew?"

Frank said nothing. His mouth was shut tight. The rage within him burned so wildly that he feared he'd lose himself if he opened his mouth. 

"I'm surprised, so you actually showed up here expecting to take care of this all yourself?" he laughed hysterically, the noise echoing throughout the room. "What a cocky bastard you are." Slowly, he walked towards Frank and used the end of his knife to lift up his mask. He faltered, slightly, upon seeing the rage etched into his face but quickly collected himself. "No wonder you wear this damn thing."

"Let him go," Charlie said weakly, Frank's eyes darting in her direction.

Her father turned and looked at her, placing the knife underneath her chin and lifting her head up. "Oh, Charlie," he said, chuckling. "The two of you are going to die here. Your little club you've managed to fuck your way through is also going to be slaughtered. You can beg all you want, but you will die and you will die watching your boyfriends heartbroken face."

"Now you," he turned back to Frank, pointing his knife in his face. "You gave my boy Fury quite the time, what happened to all that fight?"

Frank continued to keep his mouth shut which only seemed to trigger him even more. He grabbed his jaw tightly, pointing the tip of his knife to Frank's eyeball but Frank never once flinched or faltered. 

"You're on death's door or--should I say--" he glanced over his shoulder at Charlie, and then looked back at Frank. "She is and yet you still have the nerve to look at me such a way? You're not gonna save her by doing that."

"You're never gonna get the Saints."

That one sentence had caused him to suddenly slash his cheek, blood dripping down Frank's face. 

"Leave him alone!" Charlie suddenly screeched, trying to move her body but having no success.

Her father stood back and looked at Frank's face with a sickening joyous grin, watching as the blood trickled down his face. "Ah, my bad Frankie boy, that was meant for your girl," he said, turning to Charlie, the end of his knife pressed to her cheek. 

"Leave her alone."

He stopped and looked at him. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't."

"Don't you want to know the names of the men left from Melissa's crew?"

Now that caught his attention. He removed the knife from Charlie's cheek and stood before Frank once again. "What nonsense are you spewing? There ain't no one left from her crew."

"Or so you think," Frank said, smirking wildly, his eyes burning into him. "Ya think you're the only creative one to fake their death?"

"What the fuck are you talking about boy?" he said, clearly on edge now. 

"I'm sorry," Frank said, his eyes now seeming to glow from the shadow his mask cascading on his face. Her father was visibly uncomfortable staring down at him now. For some reason, it felt like he was the one tied up and Frank was holding the knife. "Does that fuck up your plans?"

"That's fucking impossible!" he shouted, his eyes wide. "They're all dead, every last one of them is dead. They didn't fake their deaths."

"They won't be too happy to hear you killed their dear friend," Frank continued, sending him over the edge. 

"Get more men stationed outside the building and outside this door," he suddenly said to the few men who stood behind Frank. "Get everyone off their asses and tell 'em to keep their eyes peeled."

Suddenly, in the split silence, a single echo of the tiniest of bangs echoed through the building and into the room they were in. Her father stood deathly still, everyone frozen and completely silent. 

"Too late."

Badabing, badaboom, when they come for you--BAD BOYS BAD BOYS

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