Cuts and bruises

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The mix of the crystal still being on the ground and Sophie being so caught off guard gave the figures more then enough time. A clear snap rang through the dead silent field and a crackling white wall sprang up around Sophie and Keefe, the bubble so small they had to back up, bumping into each other
"Oh, no. Where's your little shade friend? You're rather trapped without him," Vespra sneered
"I thought Ruy was with lady Gisela? You're working with a traitor?" Sophie asked, flipping her panic switch. Up, left, down three times. A code Dex taught her. It told him all he needed to know.
"We're not," The figure on the left didn't elaborate. So either they had a new prisnopath, or...
Sophie reached out to touch the wall of the dome, but instead of the normal shock her hand went right through the wall. Sophie laughed, stepping through with Keefe still holding her hand, as the illusion behind them melted away. Sophie could practically feel the hate radiating off of Vespra as she shot a look at the one who had spoken. While she wasn't looking Sophie felt down under her ribs where all her emotions were knotted and
"I really wouldn't do that if I were you," the third figure finally spoke, stopping Sophie for a moment
"I thought you'd know better then that, Sophie. We're always prepared," Vespra told her, stroking her cloak fondly, then reaching up and touching her jeweled hairnet that Sophie hated. The one that could block even her telepathy, and made them invincible to inflicting. Plus, it was ugly.
"Bet that won't protect you from this," Keefe told her, pointing a melder directly at her chest
"Try it and find out," Vespra challenged. Keefe's finger made a move to pull the trigger, but Sophie squeezed his hand to stop him
That might shoot it back at us for all we know, and it would provoke them to attack. Safe it for later, Sophie transmitted, try and keep them talking
"How did you even find us?" Keefe asked, and Vespra answered with a cold laugh
"I could tell you, but it'd be much more fun to see you tear yourself apart from paranoia. Perhaps it was a tracker, but those are unreliable. An informant would be much easier, no?" She asked her two cronies, who both nodded in turn. Sophie paled, trying to block the thought of someone spying on them from the inside. It got through anyway, burying itself deep in her fears and holding on. She shook her head and glanced around for Dex, or Sandor, or anyone who could find them
"If you're looking for that insufferable Technopath or your bodyguard, you'll be very disappointed," the figure on the left held out a small ball that looked almost like an obscurer "This scrambles all tracking and communication devices, so good luck getting help," Sophie mumbled a curse, but laughed. Maybe if she acted confident it would throw them off. She didn't say anything, but  saw the one on the right look around worriedly.
They're not attacking, so they think they have the upper hand. Have your concentration ready, ok? Sophie asked Keefe, who gave the tiniest nod. Sophie pretended to fidget with her cape, grabbing her pathfinder and moving the faucet to a couple to the left. She glanced down at her home crystal, wishing she could think of a way to grab it, but knowing it would be too risky. Sophie pretended to see something behind the figures and shouted
"Sandor, over here!"  Vespra and her sidekicks wheeled around, and Sophie took the opportunity to hold the pathfinder up to the light
Not quick enough. Sophie felt a slice of her shoulder and hissed, dropping the pathfinder and Keefe's hand to clutch at the cut on her shoulder. They must have goblin throwing stars. Keefe didn't miss a beat, shooting Vespra right where he had still had his melder pointed. She tried to dodge, and they were far enough away that by the time the shot reached her she had moved enough that it missed her chest, but still hit her arm, making it go slack with a sizzling sound. Sophie dove for her pathfinder, but another throwing star lodged itself into her hand, making her stop. She ripped it out with a strangled sound, and tried to ignore the pain and she made another move for the crystal. Keefe moved in front of her, tossing weapons right back at the group. Unfortunately, he also looked a little worst for wear and seemed to favoring his left foot a lot more then his right. Finally, Sophie grabbed the pathfinder, stood up, and reached for Keefe, right as he collapsed. He feel backwards, almost on top of her, his eyes glazing over. She feel to her knees next to him, trying to grab him, when a rock caught her right above the eye. She recoiled for a second before finally grabbing his limp hand, and dove into the beam of light she had made, dragging them away from Neverseen. Sophie wrapped every bit of her concentration around them, but mainly Keefe, glad to finally be away from the chaos. Finally, they glittered into view right in front of a house, in the middle of a blizzard. 

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