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Cold. Freezing. Frozen. Sophie could barely think as the sting of the frigid wind and snow whipped at her face, almost immediately making her cheeks go numb. Sophie felt a nice warm feeling spread in her chest as she fell down next to Keefe, letting the snow start to cover them both. It felt like when the sunshine realm called her into its rainbow flecked paradise.... when. . . When she almost died. Was that happening again? Some part of her felt her conciseness slipping away. But the warmth spread through her body and she curled up next to Keefe. Keefe. He was hurt. He needed help. The majority of her mind that told her to let go and let the weird warmth take her disappeared as another, tinner voice ordered her to get Keefe somewhere safe. Safe... she had seen a house. Which way was it? Sophie looked around into the white, but the weather had gotten worse, and she could barely see Keefe anymore, let alone the house that was who knew how far away. Finally some part of her that was still working stretched out her mind, feeling for other people's thoughts. And she found them. Two minds, to the right of them. Only 30 ft away. She could do this. She gritted her teeth and sat up, then took a second to still the world around her as it swirled from the sudden movement. She kept her mind on the thoughts she was hearing as she stood and grabbed Keefe, dragging him unceremoniously towards the house. She had to stop half way to catch her breath. The warmth had turned into hot, and it was slowly turning into an inferno. She tugged at her clothes, trying to get colder. Which was weird. She should be freezing right now. She shoved the thought away and kept moving, stumbling towards the light from the windows of the large cabin in front of them. Her body gave out as she finally made it to the steps that led to the front porch, and she knew there was no way she was going to make it up the stairs, let alone with Keefe. She fell down, next to Keefe, and scraped together her last bit of energy to transmit
Help. Outside. . . Weak as black seeped into her vision and she gave way to the intense heat that was inside of her chest.

"Easy" a voice whispered as Sophie slowly slipped back into conciseness. Her eyes cracked open and she took in the warm, homey space around her. She seemed to be in front of a fireplace, covered in soft fur blankets on top of the comfiest and biggest pillow she'd ever seen. The wooden walls and dim light combined with the rich red rug, fur blankets and velvety pillows strewn around the room reminded Sophie of a fortunetelling booth her and her human mom had went to once at a traveling carnival. But it didn't look like Everglen. Or Havenfeild. Or anywhere in the lost cities Sophie had ever been, for that matter. She couldn't remember where she was, and she started to panic. She sat up quickly, clutching her head as a pain racked through her mind and down her entire body, making her fall back down with a groan.
"Woah, slowly, now," a voice told her. It was silky and warm and it made her feel better as soon as she heard it, so she decided to listen. She sat back up again slowly, keeping her eyes shut to try and keep the world from tilting. She opened her eyes again and a woman with a round face and kind blue eyes came into focus.
"Who are you?" Sophie croaked, wincing at the pain of just speaking. Her throat felt like sand paper, her tongue like a foreign object in her mouth.
"My names Camila, but you can call me Cam. My husband looking after your friend in the other room. You gave us both quite a fright," She smiled as she said it, but she looked worried and tugged on her poofy curls of red hair.
"Keefe!" Sophie tried to roll off her make shift bed and get up, but her arm was all but immobile and her legs gave out as she tried to stand up. Cam caught her before she fell, and eased her back onto the bed
"So that's his name. He's doing okay, don't worry. Still asleep, though," Cam told her "We where honestly more worried about you. You're faded and we don't have any fade fuel. . . We didn't want to leave you alone so we couldn't get any. I'm afraid we weren't very well equipped to help you guys out. . ." Camila trailed off, tugging on her hair again as her sky blues eyes fell to the floor. Sophie took in her care taker for the first time. She was really pretty, even for an elf. She had a full body and light skin, with a curly mane of wild red hair. Sophie shook her head and looked down to see her own skin almost sucked of color. She reached for her neck to check for her own medicine and found it, opening the bottle and inhaling some
"Um, what is that?" Camila asked, pointing at Sophie's necklace
"My own fade fuel. I'm allergic to limbium, and let's just say I'm accident prone," Sophie smiled a little, then coughed. Camilas eyebrows scrunched together at Sophie admitting her allergy, but sprang up when she started to cough
"Oh! Here," Cam handed Sophie a bottle of youth, letting her take a few sips before asking
"What happened to you two? You looked. . . Pretty roughed up, to say the least," Sophie debated telling Cam the whole story, trying to decide if she was trust worth or not
"I was in a battle. . . But that's all I'm willing to say," Sophie said. She thought Camila seemed trustworthy, but she didn't want to overload her with all the information at once. They sat in silence before Sophie asked
"Can I go see Keefe?" Cam nodded, slowly helping Sophie stand and leading her over to a door.

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