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"Keefe," relief flooded through Sophie as she pulled away from Cam and stumbled over to Keefe, almost falling over three times as her stiff legs tried to take her weight. She didn't care though, because he was okay. Well, mostly. He had what seemed to be dozens of bruises and his ankle was in a cast, but he wasn't faded and he seemed to be peaceful. She grabbed his hand and looked down at him, shoving as she remembered his days in the healing center after Giselas experiment. After what seemed to be way too short of time, she heard a throat clear from a corner
"You're awake," A man said. Sophie assumed he was Camilas husband, but he was almost nothing like her. He was tall and slender where she was shorter and curvy and had dark tan skin and close cropped straight dark brown hair, his eyes a dark navy. But they both had the same sunny and warm presence and a sweet and reassuring smile.
"Oh! Yeah, I am. Sorry, I had to check on him," Sophie looked at Keefe again, then back up at the man, who smiled again
"That's alright, I was just a little surprised. I was about to change out his bandages," the man told Sophie
"Okay, I'll get out of your way," Sophie moved over
"It's fine, though I'm sure you're starving. Cam can make you some food," he offered. As much as Sophie wanted to stay right at Keefe's side, the emptiness in her stomach had to be fixed first
"That'd be amazing," she said

"There you go," Cam set a plate of steaming food in front of Sophie, then sat down next to her.
"Thanks," Sophie took a small bite with her left hand awkwardly, her right still bandaged up and almost immobile. She waited, then took another bite, letting her  stomach adjust to food.
"After you eat we should call someone. I'm sure your folks are worried sick, you being gone for three days," Sophie choked. Three days? She had been out for three days?
"Oh, no. Sandor is going to kill me. He's going to kill Keefe," Sophie panicked
"Hey, it's okay. I'm sure he'll just be happy you're safe. But who's Sandor?" Cam asked
"Uh. . . He's. . . He's kinda part of my family" Sophie told her "a little bit like a really, really overprotective big brother," she wasn't technically lying. Cam smiled and nodded, taking a sip of what smelled like cinnacream from a mug
"By the way, I need something to call you. What's your name, sweetheart?" Camila asked
"Oh, I'm Sophie," she told her
"What a pretty name. I'm really sorry we couldn't fix you up properly, Sophie. We don't have many elixirs, and we couldn't leave you alone. Plus, light leaping in these conditions is very dangerous. Blizzards can make you get lost if you walk five feet," Cam frowned out the window, and Sophie realized for the first time that the wind and snow was still howling outside.
"Yeah, I was lucky I could make my way here by tracking your thoughts," Sophie said, shivering at the all too recent memory.
"So you're the telepath. I was wondering if it was you or your friend," Cam smiled "You must be awfully strong and brave to be able to make that walk with all the injuries you two have" Sophie was about to responded when Cam's husband poked his head out
"The boys awake, and he's asking for 'Foster', "

"Keefe," Sophie had made her way as quickly to the room as she could after she heard he was awake
"Foster!" Relief flooded his features as he saw her, and he tried to sit up
"Ah, ah, ah, careful. You have a huge cut on your side, not to mention all the bruises," the man rushed forward and gently lowered Keefe back down after adding another pillow under him so he could sit up a bit better
"This guys almost as bad as Elwin," Keefe smiled
"Sorry, he meant that in a good way, I promise," Sophie told their caretakers. They both just smiled. Sophie grabbed Keefe's hand and squeezed, smiling at him, but Keefe kept glancing over her shoulder at Cam and the man
"Sorry, let me introduce us. I'm Camila and this is my husband, Atley,"  Cam elbowed Atley and he smiled
"Um, hi," Keefe managed
"Would you guys mind if we talked alone for a second? I'll call if something happens, promise," The adults exchanged glances
"Of course. We'll go make some food for Keefe, and get some elixirs to help with some of the pain for both of you," Atley assured, leading Cam out of the room and shutting the door
"What happened? Why are we here?" Keefe asked immediately. Sophie told him, and assured him that they both seemed really nice, and that they had been taking care of Keefe and Sophie while they were both asleep "if you trust them, I'll follow your lead. How are you feeling?" Keefe reached up with a wince and brushed some of the hair out of her face, letting his hand cup her cheek. She smiled, and leaned into his touch
"A lot better, now that you're awake," Sophie leaned down and gave him a quick kiss "but we need to let someone know we're both okay. I'm sure Sandor has been freaking out for the last three days. Edaline and Grady must be insanely worried," Sophie frowned and looked down to see that she was in much different clothes then she left in, which meant she didn't have her Imparter "be right back,"
"Is something wrong?" Cam asked as Sophie found them in a bathroom, looking through their cupboards
"No, I was just wondering if you have my imparter?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. It must have fallen out in the snow. We didn't find one with you. I'm sorry about your clothes, too, but you were soaked to the bone and it wasn't helping your. . . condition" Cam let Sophie borrow her imparted though, and Sophie returned to Keefe's room with it in hand
"Who should we call?" Keefe asked
"Edaline. She'd want to be the first to know," Sophie took a deep breath before saying "show me Edaline ruewen"  into the imparter

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