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The imparter rang for a couple seconds before Edaline picked up. She looked like she haven't slept in days, which very well might be true, and her hair was sticking out all over the place, but as soon as she saw Sophie and Keefe, she let out a strangled cry and her eyes almost flooded with tears
"Sophie! It's Sophie!" She called over her shoulder, and Sandor, Grady, Alden, Dex, Fitz, and Biana all came into view. They all let out sounds of relief and immediately started bombarding them with questions, which Sophie and Keefe tried to answer quickly
"Where are you? I'm coming right now," Grady told her
"I'm not sure, but even if I did you can't come," Sophie told him
"Why not?" Grady asked
"The blizzard that was here when we got here is still outside. It's really dangerous," Sophie told him "but we're both okay and getting looked after by some trustworthy people. We're safe, and we'll be safe until you can come get us. And we can check in everyday," Sophie told them
"Can't you guys leap out?" Biana pointed out "it's not dangerous if you're not going to have to go back,"
"Hm, that's true, but I don't think either of us are in shape to leap right now. Keefe's ankle is broken and I still can't move my arm. Plus we're both really rattled, our concentration is probably shot," Sophie admitted
"Oh," Biana said, her face falling a little
"It's okay. Either the snow lets up and someone can come get us, or we rest enough to leap out, whichever comes first. Either way, we'll see you guys soon" Sophie smiled
"Fine. But when you say check in everyday, it better be everyday," Grady said
"It will be, promise," Keefe told him "and I'll make sure Sophie doesn't get into too much trouble," he winked, and Grady mumbled something that sounded like they're doomed but smiled a little bit.
"We'll see you soon. And we'll talk to you tomorrow," Sophie said, waving.

It was a half a day before the snow started to calm, but still was too dangerous for anyone to leap in. The next day it got even better, and it seemed they could probably go home soon. Hopefully. That was also the day that Sophie and Keefe hailed Elwin, who told them they where very lucky, but would need at least another week before they could light leap by themselves.
"Thanks, Elwin. You're the best," Sophie said, before finally ending the call. Her and Keefe sat in silence for a moment, before Keefe reached up and touched her forehead
"Hey, what's wrong?" He asked, smoothing the worry line between her brows
"Well. . . I don't want to worry you," Sophie sighed
"I'm not going to stop asking until you tell me. Plus, you being worried is going to probably make me more upset then whatever you'll tell me," Keefe told her, smiling when she finally said
"Fine. I don't know how much you remember about the fight, but Vespra said they might have a spy. . ." Sophie told him "Do you think. . .?" She trailed off, not wanting to finish the thought
"No." Keefe said, with so much conviction in his voice it startled Sophie
"Why not?" Sophie asked
"Well, first off I trust everyone in the black swan, but if that's not enough for you, there's no way no one knew where we ended up that day. You literally spun it around to a random faucet and we went. Plus, how could they know Sandor and Ro wouldn't be with us? That you even had your pathfinder? Who knew besides me and our bodyguards and your parents? Sandor has way too much loyalty to ever sell you out, and Ro hates the neverseen as much as us. Unless she's a really good actor. . ." Keefe said. Sophie breathed a sigh of relief as she realized that Keefe was totally right, about all of it.
"Then how did they find us?" Sophie asked
"I have no idea. But it was not a spy, and we'll be able to worry about whatever other way they could track us once we get out of here and you're all healed up," Keefe told her "but I promise, everything will be okay," he gave her a hug
"Thank you," Sophie whispered

A day after that, the snow stopped in the late evening, and as soon as they knew it wasn't coming back for a while, Elwin and Grady leaped to Wintershold, the ironically named estate that Cam and Atley lived on. As soon as they got there, Grady hugged Sophie and, to everyone's surprise, Keefe. Elwin checked them over and gave them the few elixirs he could before checking with Camila and Atley about what other problems Keefe and Sophie might have. Eventually, it was time to go, before the snow came back. Right before they leaped away, Sophie broke away from the chain and ran over to Cam, pulling her into a tight hug before doing the same to Atley. They both laughed in delight and told Sophie it was no problem when she thanked them once again.

When they got back to Havenfeild a huge welcome party was waiting for them. All of Sophie and Keefe's friends, a few members of both the black swan and the council, Edaline, and even Cassius. Who, as soon as he saw Keefe, swept him into a hug. Edaline did the same to Sophie, and whispered to her
"He was really worried about Keefe. Genuinely,"
Before anyone else, including their friends, could ask them more questions, Elwin jumped in and said he had to check them both over. He made Sophie drink two dozen elixirs after a thorough check up, and made Keefe guzzle three dozen.
"You're going to have a scar on you shoulder and hand. You your forehead wasn't too bad, so no permanent damage there. Keefe, your ankle will have to heal on its own, but it'll make a full recovery," Elwin told them "you owe those people your lives"
"Elwin," Sophie asked, bracing herself by grabbing at the blanket "how bad where we, really?" Elwin's smile dropped, and he took off his glasses to rub the bridge of his nose
"I don't think you want to know," he whispered
"Please?" Was all Sophie said back to him. She thought he might just not respond because of how long the silence stretched, but eventually he said
"Sophie, you were faded and in a late stage of hypothermia. You also had some insane blood loss. Keefe's ankle was obviously broken, and he had some less severe cuts and bruises but had worse hypothermia then you, Sophie. Plus the melded hit him pretty hard. You were both very close to death," he admitted. There was a somber silence before Elwin broke into a grin "But you're going to make a full recovery. Those people did a very good job," Sophie smiled, too, but all she could think about was how she was on deaths door, once again.

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