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Right now, nothing else mattered at this moment more than her. He followed Michael to a specific hospital not far from there where a few forefathers worked. It was a safe spot for people like them for extreme circumstances, such as this one. 

The minute they got there, Charlie was rushed on a gurney and taken behind to doors, completely disappearing from sight and putting Frank on edge. Michael had to hold him back. 

"Relax boy," he assured him. "She's in good hands."

"Will she be okay?"

He said nothing causing Frank's stomach to churn. 

Frank felt guilty, he felt responsible. He was so blinded by rage he let her be as he tried to get his own revenge. He should've been concerned with her from the beginning. He sat in the lobby, his head in his hands from the stress and anxiety. The demons in his mind screamed at him, louder than they ever did before.

What if you killed her?

You killed her Frank!

She's gonna be dead because of you!

The one good thing in your worthless life and you couldn't even protect it.


She trusted you! She loved you! Now look at her!

She's gonna die because of you!

It's your fault!

"Keep your head up, kid," he suddenly heard instead of the putrid voices of his demons. He looked up, swearing he could faintly see the face of the man he called father. It was more of a memory, however, when he first met Eagle. When he found him in that alley way and brought him in, he didn't treat him like a dog. "The world ain't such a nice place, but I will try to make it better for you and, someday, someone else will too. When you find people like that, hold onto them for as long as you can, no matter what."

He was scared. He was scared shitless. She has to live. She has to. He knew he was meant to marry her and spend his life with her, he knew he was, so why? Why were things turning out this way?

"There ain't no point in worrying until you got a reason to worry," Michael said.

"And the woman I love in a hospital room isn't enough reason to worry?" Frank snapped.

Michael shrugged. "Many of her wounds were severely infected. It turned septic. That knife in her leg hit her femoral artery as well, it was wise to keep the knife in her leg and tie the tourniquet. Once they remove it, they'll have to be quick to be able to fix it. It's the septic part. the infection is in her blood now, they gotta get it out. It's kicking her ass and it's gonna continue to kick her ass for a while until they can stabilize her."

"Let's not also talk about the blood loss as well, low blood pressure, nerve damage as well to some of those really deep cuts," he continued, spewing every bad thing one after the other. "She'll be in the hospital for a couple days, the nerve damage shouldn't even be permanent so once she gets moving again she'll be fine."

"Right," Frank said, trying to stomach every thing he said.

Michael slapped him on the back. "Don't go blaming yourself," he said, reading his mind. "If she's your woman, she knew the risk of being in this world of ours. You ain't the motherfuckers that did this to her, you're the man who saved her. You're the man who loves her."

"You're right," Frank said weakly. 

"We got someone on our side working in the lobby twenty-four-seven, you can stay here as long as you need to to ease your mind boy," he said, slapping his back once again. "Remember to shower and eat every once in a while though, alright? As soon as you two are back at the clubhouse, Maxwell will send word for you. You will have to prove yourself to the forefathers."

And just like that, he left and Frank was alone to sit and worry, waiting for a nurse to enter through that door and tell him her condition. He couldn't even remember what life had been like before she showed up in the club. He continuously told himself not to get attached, but he did just that and now, if they couldn't stabilize her, he could lose her forever.

All throughout the night, for hours and hours on end, he watched as many nurses rushed back and fourth. Codes were called, doctors moved with haste. He was unsure if those were for Charlie or for someone else. Someone had yet to come out and tell him her condition so, as more and more hours passed, he became more and more restless. 


Charlie lay unconscious in that hospital bed, nurses and doctors constantly rushing into treat the sepsis she was under. Her breathing was slow and shallow, they had to put an oxygen mask on her. She was hooked up to so many IV's, some pumping blood, some medication, some fluids. Her heart rate dropped and spiked many times, everyone in the room running on adrenaline.

Charlie, however, was oblivious to the world around her and what was happening. After she had lost consciousness for the last time, before she realized the forefathers came to save them, she continued to believe she was still tied to that chair.

As her body fought to hold on, her mind struggled to get her out of the nightmare she was imagining. The infection was a poison in her veins and it only seemed to add to the dark nature of her nightmare, making everything more gruesome and terrifying.

She was lost and surrounded by demons, with no way out.

Charlie's fight isn't over, will she make it out alive?

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