Temporarily Distanced

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*After two weeks*

Eran's POV
"Yes,I'm down for it,will be there soon." I replied to Hunter on the call. The time me and Ricky are going to leave this country for further education was in corner so all of our friends wished to go out for one last big tour around the city,not giving one single shit about the other issues which were going on in our lives.

Troubles and issues aren't something we save in the folders of our brain and life,memeories are. That's why I believe spending half of the life wandering among the whole world,tasting every delicious food,experiencing every bit of the tough amusement rides,or the heartbreaking issues of our lives. One of my other hobby is also to take my hero,my father on a world tour and enjoy each and every day,out there with him,tasting the leasts of absolutely everything,testing our limits of our tolerance of amusement out there.

I parked the car,in front of Rickys driveway and called him up to inform him about my arrival. Me and Rose were now pretty close friends as we texted each other almost every second and believe me when I say that! She's seriously the best girl I have ever talked with or is the first GIRL with whom I have been so comfortable sharing everything but my contact with Rose had decreased to a good level today,as she hasn't been online since last night and probably now she's sleeping like the princess of my life since it's real early in the morning. "Hey man" greeted Ricky,snatching me out of my thoughts. "Let's go?" He said,as my engines blared down the streets looking forward for the rest of the day.

Rose's POV
"Stop looking at your phone for once and give a break to your delicate eyes" said Daisy as I quickly put my phone away. Basically I have been watching mine and Eran's chat for a real long time,as Daisy,Richard,Tina and my other mates spoke about their issues,and by that I meant normal gossips. It's been two weeks since I'm talking with him,and honestly have never felt this good talking to a boy. He's just so sweet but is sometimes kinda rude,but he's mine. That's what matters.

My health status has been going quite down for few days so I had a apply a ton of foundation underneath my terrible eyes to conceal the dark circles which had apparently started to melt down because of the scorching heat. But Daisy seemed to love the sun kissing her face, because she believes her hair colour looks absolutely fantabulous under the bright sun. It wasn't really making any difference to me,because it looked quite the same as any other girls out here.

A weird brown

I wasn't really allowed to be exposed under the bright sun,because it literally heats up my scalp increasing  my headache into a hundred times ,triggering the river of blood hiding behind my nose muscles. My makeup was already washing off,and I had now began to feel real dizzy. "Can we please go inside,it's so hot out here" I asked Daisy for the 20th time now maybe.

"Why,what's wrong? If you are feeling bad,then sit inside?" replied Daisy as she turned to continue telling her stories to our friends. "You good there,Rose?" asked a concerned Richard. "Yes I'm fine,I'll just go in and sit" I replied as I hurried inside to avoid further questions.

With my eyes glued to my phone,I didn't realize that I was about crash on to a wall of fragranced flesh until I tripped backwards and landed straight on the floor,as my ass felt the cold hard ground beneath.

Day can't get any worse

"I'm so so sorry,I seriously didn't see you coming?" I said. "Hmm" replied a chocolatey voice as I looked up to be met with a set of irritated black eyes. A guy standing tall above me,wearing black ripped jeans and a green T-shirt led his hand towards me. I ignored the hand contact and stood up on my own brushing off the dirt from my yellow dress "it's okay" he said as I nodded and ran inside as a few set of laughters were heard behind me.

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