Chapter 6: Feroz and Weird Uncle.

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Percy: POV

Imagine them  clear and kinda see through and that is how she sees them

        We go outside and head to a park, I let Αστέρι roam the park so she can hunt while Dick and I walk around. After a few minutes, Dick finally asks.

      "I know Wally meant no offence by what he said, but if you don't mind me asking, why did you get so mad when he said that?"

      I breath out a sigh. "Like I said before, he might not believe their real, but I do and they can be really cruel sometimes. Especially if they hear someone say that that person doesn't believe that they are real."

      "What exactly would they do?" He asks, a hint of worry and curiosity in his voice.

      "They would make different things in his life not go good, have animals attack him for no reason, make everything go wrong for him, and other stuff like that until he admitted that they exist."

      "Oh." Is all he said. We continue walking in the park, I keep and eye on Αστέρι, making sure that she is safe. When she has had enough hunting, she comes back to me, I put her harness back one her and we head to the town. We come across a couple of shops that seemed to be i kinda bad shape, and some jewelry stores that looked worse. Dick explained that Gotham, along with other cities around here, has a lot of villains that the vigilantes try to keep under control. I ask him to describe them to me that way I can be prepared.

      "If you see someone that looks like a deranged and crazy clown or someone that looks like a tall lean person that just looks at you then you, run those are The Joker and Scarecrow. The Joker is a crazy but very intelligent serial killer clown that likes to kill people mainly for fun, but sometimes will kill other villains. Scarecrow has a gas that makes people see their deepest fears, Poison Ivy can control plants, her touch is deadly, and can make people do anything she wants, though some people can refuse it." He says, I immediately think that she could be Aphrodite's and Demeter's evil child. He explains the rest of the villains and the heroes that come to this city.  There not much since the Batman fella doesn't like people in his city, but it is steadily growing thanks to Batman adopting so many children.

      We stop to get some coffee and see a 5'6 girl with wild hair come this way, I nudge Dick and point to her and he smiles.

      "That's Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner's daughter and my best friend." He says, I sense that there was more there, but I do't say anything. When she reaches us she hugs me and looks. I stick my hand out and say.

      "Hi, I'm Percy." She hesitantly takes my hand in hers and asks.

      "Why are you here? Not that I'm complaining, but why would you come to Gotham of all places?"

      "Bruce is my uncle and I'm living with him and the boys." I tell her.

      "That's impossible, Bruce doesn't have any siblings." she says

       "Barbara-" Dick goes to say.

       "It's okay Dick," I tell him, "Bruce is my uncle, my mother was his little sister, but when their parents were murdered, she ran away and changed her name. Got adopted, but then they died in a plane crash so she went to live with her uncle, studied to be a writer, then moved to New York and met my father, had me, but then left and she married my Gabe, for my safety, found out who my father was and his side of the family when I was 12 and every summer I helped them, Gabe went missing and she remarried to Paul, then they were expecting to have my little sister. I had to go to Greece to help my great grandmother right when she was born, then an incident happened where I had to stay with them for a few more months and when I came back I found them dead and my little sister kidnapped. The police found out about Bruce and contacted him to see if he wanted to take me in. And the rest is history."

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