Chapter Twenty-Three

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"Right about there," Brett said as he and Leigh lowered a large round table to the floor after rolling it in through the barn doors. The barn was beginning to come together nicely and would be ready for the fifty people attending the wedding the following day and that was all thanks to the work and hours they had put in to transform the barn. The table they had rolled in was the last and when they were moved into position Leigh began work on the decorations. She spread white table clothes over the tables and tied silver bows to the backs of the chairs giving the feeling that they were not standing in the centre of a barn on a farm but a high class venue.

"Can you foot the ladder?" Brett asked as he approached from the back of the barn carrying coils of lights that needed to be hung from the ceiling.

Leigh watched as he expertly extended the ladder and rested it against a beam running from one side of the barn to the other. He climbed up two rungs before turning and instructing Leigh to place her feet at the foot of the ladder to keep it steady. Brett climbed to the top and wrapped the lights over the beam and spread them out equally before stepping down and moving the ladder over. When all of the lights were hung they took a step back and glanced up. Since their talk back at Leigh's apartment they found a new sense of understanding for each other and just like that their team working skills had improved by a thousand times.

"Would you like to do the honours?" He asked handing her the control. Leigh slowly twisted the small button and watched as each light lit and illuminated each and every corner of the darkened barn.

"Wow," Annalise's voice came from behind them after a small gasp. "This looks incredible."

"It sure does," Harry said from beside her and tilted his head to look up at the ceiling lights.

"And the tables, Harry look it's exactly what we pictured! I can't believe you pulled this off," she said as she turned to her brother.

"It wasn't just me. I couldn't have done it without Leigh," Brett told her and threw a small smile to the woman who had helped bring the barn together in time for the wedding.

"Well thank you, both of you. This really is a dream come true," Annalise said and cuddled up to her future husband. "I can't wait for tomorrow."

"You're definitely coming?" Harry said turning to Leigh.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world," she said with a genuine smile which radiated happiness for the couple.

As Leigh and Harry made small conversation about the time spent in the barn and chaotic panic that it wouldn't be ready in time Annalise walked over to her brother who was standing by the ladder watching the encounter.

"Mom will be back tonight are you stayin' for dinner?" She asked.

"I do most nights, why are you askin'?" He drew his attention from the woman he was fixated by and spoke to his sister.

"I thought you may have other plans," she said with a shrug.

"Yeah like what?"

Annalise stole a quick glance in the direction of her fiance and his conversation partner before turning back to her brother and shaking her head. "Nothin'."

"What?" He said when a small chuckle escaped her lips.

"Nothin'," she said again.

"That look doesn't exactly mean nothin'."

"I just thought you might be takin' her out."

"What Leigh?" Annalise nodded. "No."


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