Chapter 43: Cafe Secrets

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The violent sound of the alarm jarred Phoenix from his sleep. He grumbled incoherently, reaching out and turning it off. Through blurred eyes, he was able to make out that it was 6:30am. Leanna moved a little and he glanced back at her, her sleeping face tilted up toward him.

He smiled and couldn't resist as he leaned down, kissing her forehead gently. She let out a sigh, snuggling deeper into the bed. He slipped out of the bed quietly, tiptoeing to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After last night's activities, he could tell she was exhausted so he figured the best thing he could do is let her sleep in a little.

"I need to use the bathroom," Kai whined outside the door.

"Keep it down. I'll be out in a minute," Phoenix hissed, rinsing out his mouth.

When he walked out Kai was jumping from foot to foot, holding onto his stomach.

"Oh thank you, I'm about to shit myself!" He ran in, slamming the door shut.

Phoenix rolled his eyes, checking in on Leanna to make sure she was still sleep. With a small sigh of relief, he grabbed a pair of clothes, changing into some dark jeans and a black V neck. It was a simple outfit but still looked good. He felt ridiculous attempting to dress up; they were going to a meeting with rogues for help.

But he couldn't ignore the fact that they were Leanna's parents and just the tiniest part of him wanted their approval. Just a tiny part, deep down inside.

When he was done, he headed to the adjoining door.

I'm coming in, he said through the mindlink, opening the door. Sara was wide awake, exercising. Mason was thrown across the couch, barely awake, and Sebastian was on the phone.

"Yes, sir. He just walked in. I'll let him know," then he hung up, standing up.

Phoenix gave him a wary look, "What?"

"That was Wilhelm. He said to meet him at a café two blocks away and to be on time," Sebastian explained, his voice guarded as Phoenix's eyes began to darken.

"You've had a way to contact him this entire time and you haven't?" His teeth were gritted as he took a step forward, his fists clenched.

"He contacts me. He uses burner phones, so it doesn't leave a trace. And it's not like it's that frequent. I've only reached out once and that was when Leanna asked me," Sebastian explained, meeting the Alpha's gaze.

Phoenix growled, the other two wolves lowering their heads immediately. Sebastian, on the other hand, fought it. After so many years of a rogue life, it was taking him time to adjust to the pack life. For the most part, it was getting easier, but submitting didn't come naturally.

After several moments of an intense staring contest, Phoenix spoke, "Did he say anything else?"

"He said to only bring three. In good faith, he's leaving behind his own men and he's only coming with his mate and second-in-command," he answered stoically.

Phoenix tightened his jaw, "Alright. Then you're coming with us."

At that, Sebastian faltered, "What?"

"You heard me. Since you two seem to be so close, it'll come in handy," Phoenix responded and then turned Sara and Mason.

"I want you two nearby. Just because this is neutral territory doesn't mean we should let our guard down," he explained. "Now, I want to know what the surrounding areas are so get to work."

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