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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽Harlem, New York

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Dimoni Mercedes Walker🗽
Harlem, New York.

waking up sluggishly I got out the bed going to the bathroom to handle my business.

I washed my hands then turned the shower on so I could hurry up being that Tylil was waiting for me at his crib

my father wasn't home and I could care less what Bakari was doing

after I washed my body I got out wrapping the towel around myself and brushing my teeth looking in the mirror

just like any other day I felt less of myself, Siah was still checking on me per usual

my phone rung as I washed my face making me stop and sigh

"the fuck you doing?" Siah said looking for my face

I finished up and began moisturizing with the Shea butter sighing

"getting ready..." I mumbled setting my phone up

he brushed his teeth and went back into his room as I put the phone back down so I could put my clothes on

"you just called to breathe?" I asked with an attitude rolling my eyes

he sucked his teeth showing me two tops ignoring what I said

one slap wouldn't hurt

"the red one," I told him putting the sweatpants on

I never felt comfortable in anything tight like the other girls who lived over here

soon as I was done I saw Bakari on the couch smoking a blunt

I put my AirPods in and took my house keys off the table along with my bag going to the elevator

"aigh you stopping at my crib first after you get Tylil?" he asked me cleaning up his room


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