[16] The Confession

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B O Y ' S

The movie wasn't a complete bust, it was actually a decent movie and outing. Thankfully Archer didn't try and kiss me during the movie. Instead, he just had his arm around me the whole time. It was bearable and realistic, it was nothing I couldn't handle. All the acts associated with being a couple became incredibly natural, it was almost like we were actually dating.

After the credits rolled we piled in Zac's car. Once we were in the car Zac made sure to tell us what he thought of the film.

"That was amazing if I could be in any movie it would have to be that one. It was so realistic and wow. Just wow. Bravo," he says, starting the engine.

I feel my phone buzz and subsequently, check it to see a text message.

Are we still going to hang out tonight?

The text was in a group message I had with Arden and Liam.

Shoot, I totally forgot that Arden, Liam, and I were supposed to hang out and catch up.

I show the text to Archer and he squints to read the bright screen.

It is eight p.m. and the sun had set in the time we were in the cinema.

"Tell them to meet us at the diner," he tells me.

I do as I'm told, Archer then tells Zac the directions to the diner.

After five short minutes of driving, we're parked in a front row parking space at the diner. Liam's car is already evidently parked nearby, his car recognizable in a heartbeat because of the bumper stickers on it.

I let myself out of the car, walking around to the front of the car to meet Archer and take his hand into mine.

Once we're inside of the diner I spot Arden and Liam sitting at a corner booth.

"What took you so lon-" she begins to say, just to stop talking at the sight of Zac.

I guess that you could say that he caught her eye. I thought she would like him, he was pretty good looking if I could say so myself.

"Hi, I'm Zac," Zac says to her specifically, a wide smile on his face.

She gives a small smile back before saying, "I'm Arden. Arden Michaelson."

I immediately decide that they would look good together, I guess I could work on perhaps setting them up. I like to play matchmaker occasionally and I would love to set my best friend up.

Archer and I take a seat and slide into the large booth, maintaining our intimacy.

"Didn't know you were bringing the asshole," Liam says to me softly, taking a seat next to me.

He speaks softly, however, Archer still evidently manages to hear it. I know this because Archer rolls his eyes at the comment, placing his arm back around my shoulders.

He enjoys pissing off Liam, perhaps a little too much.

"You're in college?" I hear Arden ask Zac.

He nods and takes a seat, Arden taking one next to him.

"I'm a freshman who's studying in the college of business," he tells her.

Zac's definitely trying to impress her with all of his college talks, perhaps it all would work in his favor in the end.

My friend, fellow waitress Ryan, appears at our table with a notepad in hand once we're all seated.

"What may I get you to drink?" she asks us.

* * *

The night's full of laughter, flirting, and angry glares. The laughter shared throughout, the flirting between Arden and Zac, and the angry glares exchanged by Archer and Liam.

When the clock nears midnight and our burgers and fries have been devoured we decide to call it a night. Arden made sure to give her number to Zac. After exchanging numbers, Zac offers to drive her home.

"I can drive Ellie home," Liam says before I can follow behind Archer who has begun to leave the restaurant.

Archer stops at the restaurant's front door, turning around with a raised eyebrow.

"So can I," Archer says, holding a hand out for me.

"She lives next door to me, it's fine," Liam says insistingly.

I step in between the two before it turns into a duel.

"I'll take up Liam's offer and you can just return my car tomorrow," I say, knowing that riding with Liam was the most convenient thing to do.

Archer puts his extended hand down and gives a weary nod, walking out without saying a word shortly after.

Liam and I were neighbors, it only made sense that I rode with him home. It was almost midnight so I obliged to Liam's offer although it would be to Archer's dismay. It's just a ride home and I could feel sleep overwhelm me.

The car ride is almost completely silent, the only noises audible came from the stereo and were our breaths. It's a short but silent ride.

Once Liam parks the car in his driveway he sighs, brushing a hand through his hair. He doesn't bother to take his keys out of his car, leaving the soft music on.

"Ellie, I like you," he says, breaking the silence.

"I like you too?" I question back, a little confused at his sudden proclamation.

"No, I like you romantically in a way where my heart swells when in your presence. I like you in a way that makes me want you to break up with Archer because he's an asshole who doesn't deserve you," he explains softly, now staring at me directly.

I say nothing initially, matching his gaze. I couldn't manage to say anything for a moment, processing what Liam had just said.

"Archer and I aren't even really dating," I find myself saying.

Liam deserves the truth at least, while I couldn't tell him that I reciprocated his feelings, I could tell him at least say something. He wouldn't be the first to find out the truth after all Zac knew unintentionally. In addition, Liam's a good friend that only deserves the truth.

Liam takes a moment to comprehend what I stated. After he comprehends what I've said, the smallest of smiles appears on his face, followed by a sigh of relief.

"You and he aren't really dating? Like it's for show or you're only with him casually?" he asks me.

I nod.

"We're in a relationship, but not for the right reasons. Everything you've seen and heard are just a string of lies, Archer's just helping me out," I explain to him.

I couldn't lie to Liam, I just couldn't.

"Then do I have a chance?" he asks me, a little glimpse of hope in his voice.

I think for a moment, does he? I mean I think he's incredible and he surely would never hurt me, it's just that I've never thought of him in a romantic way. It wouldn't be a bad thing to date him, he's a really good guy...

"You'll always have a chance," I find myself answering, knowing that I could never say that there was no chance of us happening.

Liam's smile grows larger and makes me smile.

"I promise to not get too jealous when you're with Archer. If you don't have feelings for Archer then I'll be okay. Unless you do have feelings for Archer, do you?"

I think for yet another moment, giving no reply until I could properly formulate one. Archer and I's relationship is complicated and I wasn't exactly sure on as to how I felt at the moment.

"I don't know, but I sure do hope I don't feel anything," I reply, my momentary smile completely faded.

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