23. she's Missing!!

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Surprise surprise !!

Samuel's POV

Today i came to office after having a heated discussion about it with dad.

I mean like seriously , he is literally trying to control me with this marriage .

I can't just drop everything just because i am married now .

And yeah marriage !
What kind of marriage was that , I was practically left with no option than to marry her .

I felt bad for her , when she told me she don't want this wedding , she tried her level best so I reject her.
She gives me so many hints that she don't wanna do this .

A smile tugs on my lips as I remember , when we met and she said ' I am pregnant ' just because she wanted me to call off this wedding .

She even fainted in my arms that day , I was angry at her for not eating and when I scolded her about being childish she said' you can't marry a child '

I guess,it's impossible to win in an argument with her.

But that girl , she is an attention seeker and gets it in her own way , I don't know why but I didn't like the way every single man stared at her when she was fidgeting with her bracelet without caring for anyone else .

Anyhow ,That was a nice time .

But as she kept rejecting me , I also felt a pang ,she is the first girl who hasn't fallen for my charm .

As if I want them all to fall for me !!
I hate girls , they just kept drooling over me . I hate the way girls kept staring at me as if I am piece of meat .

Can't they just mind their own buisness and let me be ?

But she is different from any of them , she even look twice at me and she has a nerve to snap at me . She arguments with me that no one has ever done .

She is strong yet innocent as a child .

On our wedding , I was shocked when I saw her , she was looking just .... perfect .

Snap out of it Sam ! What the hell are you thinking .
You came here to work not to think about her .

And last time I checked you didn't wanted this wedding at all.
My subconsciousness yells at me.

I shake my head trying to shake those thoughts Outta my mind and buried myself in the new project.


I call Angela through intercom
" Angela give me details of Vegas project "

But not getting any response I glance at watch realising she would've gone for lunch as it's break .

I sigh and resumed my work again

It was not long when my phone rang

As I see the caller ID a smile appears on my face .

So she does remember me that she has a son , I thought she forgot me as she found her daughter in her favourite daughter in law.
'She is her only daughter in law' my subconsciousness reminds me

I pick it up smiling

" So finally you get bored with your new found companion and missed me !! " I said as soon I pick up

" What ?! " Mom asks me confused from the other side.

" Your so called daughter who else ! " I said with a huff

" Stop complaining Sam ! And tell me if she is with you ?! " She asks me in urgency .

Quickly getting my guards back I answer." No . Why would be she with me ?! She was with you last time I saw her! " I answer as I remember her giggling with mom at breakfast table .

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