Chapter 1. Don't go

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The story starts just after Viola gets shot by Davy in the first book. Enjoy! Cillian do the disclaimers.
Cillian: "All rights go to Patrick Ness. Robbie here don't own nothing but her own ideas. And ain't they bright!" *wink*


Viola falls. She stumbles right over her own feet. And my Noise screams "Viola!" over and over. But it ain't enough cause her eyes roll back and her breathing slows. I swear.

"Eff you Davy Prentiss" I say. 'Cept I don't say eff. I pick her up off the ground and she's lighter than a flower. Her skinny limbs sprawled out about her, her soft brown hair wavy and flowing. I fling her over my shoulder and run. I run until I reach Haven's doors. I whisper in Viola's ear

"Don't go. Don't go" over and over and over. The corners of her lips tilt very slightly upwards.

"I ain't going nowhere Todd Hewitt" she mutters breathlessly. I smile at her use of ain't. The smile is quickly wiped off my face when I see the town. My Noise does a doubletake.

There ain't no one there. Not a person or a Noise. If Viola don't get cured she'll die. I shudder. I walk to the other end of town and then I see him. And it can't be true because he was holding off Davy Prentiss but Davy Prentiss was there and shot Viola. But he is there. Ben is there. I run towards him, careful of Viola in my arms. Ben's face is grave. He makes me set her down and look for plants. He gets to work, his Noise whirring with concentrashun (A/N I am trying to write as much as Patrick even though it's not my style. And I do know it's concentration not concentrashun but Todd speaks like that). After what seems like forever, Viola's body shakes and she lets out a breath. Ben sits back and wipes sweat from his eyebrow. I rush to her side and grab her hand and squeeze it. Her eyes flutter open and she smiles at me. I pull her to me and hug her hard. I breathe in the smell of her and the feel of her. She relaxes against me. Ben coughs and I look at him. 'Cept what I see distracts me. Behind Ben, walking towards us is...

"Cillian!" I exclaim and run towards him. "But you're dead!" I say with the same tone. Which is a stupid thing to say. But I don't care. I don't give an eff because Cillian is here with me and so is Ben and Viola's alive and Manchee's barking. Wait. Manchee is...?

"Yes Todd. I am dead. And so is Ben, Manchee and Viola. And so are you." Cillian says. I laugh because it's impossible. Dead people don't just walk around towns. But here Cillian is. And here is my dog.

"Haven is for the dead. That's why Mayor Prentiss can't come here" says Ben. A flicker of something warm comes up in me.

"So my ma is here?" I ask hopefully. Ben and Cillian look at me tentatively.

"Yes" Cillian finally says. "And your pa".

"But how did I die?" I ask.

"Davy Prentiss Junior shot you" Ben answers " Viola wasn't dead yet so we had to do the job but now we're all happy"

"'Cept Aaron" says Cillian.

"Aaron is here?" Viola demands.

"We killed him Viola" I remind her. She nods but looks somber.

"Right. You two" Ben points at us "Rest. Now. No excuses. Sleep now, talk later. Go. Newly dead people need rest". We nod silently and follow Manchee's trotting form to a bedroom while he mutters

"Dead, Todd". I sigh happily and Viola squeezes my hand.

"Viola?" I ask.

"Yes Todd?" She answers.

"I thought you were gone-"

"I am gone"

"Yes but I meant"

"I know what you meant Todd Hewitt and trust me, it'll take more than Davy bloody Prentiss to rid you of me" she smiles. I smile back and touch her cheek. I don't know why I do it, I just do it. Oh shut up. She gasps. I don't know why she does that, she just does.

"Todd... your Noise is saying all sorts of stuff... like Viola, kiss, lips, me reading your ma's book, me dying,..." she says, laughing.

"I know Viola" is all I can say before my cheeks flood red. Oh shut up, shut up!

"Why, Todd?" she asks innocently.

"I don't know Viola. I don't know" I say. She sighs loudly and I lie down on my bed. She goes to hers and we fall asleep in silence.

I wake after dark and a weight is pressed against my back. I turn slowly. It's Viola, sound asleep. Why is she here? She looks so angelic when she sleeps I ain't waking her. Instead I put an arm around her and protect her from the night as I drift off again.

Very short first chappie but I wanted to introduce the story. Any questions just ask or if you want to talk, fangirl or whatever just pm me. All you have to do is text me "hey we're friends" and bam friendship made ;)
Theo James as Todd
Peace out, lovelies ✌

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