24. Honeymoon

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After we came home , auntie Grace hugged me tightly , that shows her concern .

I felt like, I was with my mom .Her concern was the same as my mom's .
Everytime I fall or something happens her eyes has shown the same concern .

I was touched by her concern.

Then she asked me about my visit .

I told her I met dad , Ethan , Jenna and also some of my staff .
I was happy sharing my day with her, it felt so good and peaceful.

After taking to almost an hour I left to Mr Dumbhead 's room which is now mine too unexpectedly, just because of my bad luck that loves me to cores.

But he was not there ,for which I was really happy so I spend my time while surfing on internet .

_____ ______

It was about time for dinner , and my stomach was also twisting and  yelling at me to feed .

So i agreed with my stomach and I head downstairs .

Maids were setting the dinning table and mom was there , smiling at me

" Oh you are here ! I was going to call you " she said

I smile and move towards her

" Can I help with something !! " I offer politely .

" No dear ! Everything is done "

And then we saw uncle Logan and His son coming towards the dinning table that too together .
I've never seen them together . It's rare .

My eyes were wide .

' you are saying like you've known them for years , you don't know anything ! So stop assuming !! " My subconsciousness reminds me

I blinked my eyes to come back to reality .

" So you finally came , now have dinner it's is more important than any of your deal ! " Auntie Grace said to him

So I was right , uncle Logan has gone to call him for dinner or should I say drag him down for dinner .

But , how can he avoid food .is he a human or not .

The way he is always staring at his laptop and then he skips his food , it only indicated one thing
That he is a....


Yes ! He is a freaking robot .

Seriously , who in the hell can do so much work , and then I never saw him sleeping .

That reminds me does he even sleep or not . I share a room with him .

He skips his food then he even talk less.

Is he really a Robot .
Am i married to a robot ??

Amy !! Snap outta it , he is a human not an electronic machine . Stop using your brain ! My subconsciousness yells at me

Yes ! Yes ! He is human .
Believe that Amy , your dad won't marry you to a machine . Atleast Trust him .

I was brought back to reality when food was served to everyone and I was literally daydreaming with open eyes.

We started having our food in silence , and then suddenly uncle Logan broke the silence with

" So Amy ! How was your visit to your dad ?! "

I smiled as I remember
" It was great !!I was missing them all really very badly ! " I answer genuinely .

"I know , it's difficult for you to suddenly leave your family behind and settle down ! " he smiled

I give him a small smile .
Atleast someone understand my state of mind .

" So in order to help you with your adjust and change your mood , we planned something ! "
He said looking at Auntie Grace affectionately .

I nod my ahead to go ahead as I really get pretty bored in this home

" We have planned a ten days honeymoon trip for you two so you can enjoy each other company and get to know each other well , and then it will be change of environment for you two " he said in one go

After Listening to his words, the spoon in my hands dropped involuntary clearly showing my shock while on the other hand
Mr dumbhead chocked on his food and started coughing vigorously .

I was too lost in my own thoughts to offer him some water , when auntie Grace offers him some and pats his back helping him to calm down .

Then he speaks , " dad you know I am working on a very important project , I've been trying for this from last year and now when it's time , I can't " he explained .

That helps me a to calm down , thank god he is with me in this .

I guess this is the first time when I felt relieved from his words .

Uncle Logan retorts him with
" No project should be important than your wife , family always come first "

Oh god !
Why this feels like my conversation with dad

" Dad I told your earlier also and I will repeat the same again , my life won't change just because I am married now ! I can't leave everything just because I have a wife !!! " He answered.

Thank god !
He has guts to speak infront of his dad.

Here I was thinking he won't speak as he does.... always .

Atleast with me

" She left her everything behind just for you and you can't even leave a stupid project ?! "

He is not in a mood to back down today

" Dad , it's not a stupid project , it is very important for our company ! " He speaks matter of fact.

" Whatever , it's not more important than Amy ! " He declared

So this all is revolving around me so I decided to speak

" No ! It's perfectly alright ,he should focus on his project and I don't want to go on a trip as well ....I just left my family behind I can't leave this country now ...not even for some days ....now I can go and meet them anytime but there I won't be able to ....and I am fine here, it's just it will take some time for me to adjust !! " I said slowly trying my level best to convince uncle .

I just hope that he agrees , I really don't want to go with Mr dumbhead anywhere.

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