twenty-one: nobody leaves baby in a corner

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The base vibrated throughout the entire house. The tables rattled, beverages spilled, and music shook the furniture, spiking adrenaline in everyone who danced.

Everyone was fueled with adrenaline, minds hazy and bodies swaying around as they let their bodies become one with the music. You observed the many people on the dance floor, watching how boys thrust their pelvis against girls and how the girls go along with them.

You felt like Baby from Dirty Dancing.

Like her you were curious as to how people dance without a care in the world, how total strangers dance so well together just by the movement of their hips. You were intrigued but you knew you could never have someone from the opposite sex dance that close to you.

Just thinking of it made your anxiety act up.

So you stood, leaning against a wall eyes gazing over the many different people who were at this party. To think so many people here were actually friends with yoongi or mere acquaintances made you wonder how socially active yoongi actually is.

Or maybe he is a introvert that got adopted by an extrovert.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

While you were alone in a corner your friends were having the time of their lives. You were pretty sure they were drunk or high or actually both. This always happens during events like these; they get drunk, you were sober and helped their drunk asses home.

Yes, you were the responsible one, not that you really minded. Your friends safety meant more to you than having fun.

Seeing them happy and relaxed made you happy.

The moment you all arrived Robin and Xai hit the dance floor, busting it down and Angel went off to go find someone to have some fun with, which wasn't hard for her since anyone would want to get with her. Seeing as you haven't witnessed her yet she has found someone or maybe two or more people to mingle with.

That's Angel for you; wild and flirty.

Lastly, Sky was probably getting shit faced. You last saw her with changkyun and you already knew they were getting high in the weed room.

You sighed, looking down as you played with the strings of your hoodie. "Who left baby in the corner?" A voice startled you, you looked up and immediately smiled.

Hoseok stood before you, smile shimmering under the dark purple neon lights, arms crossed over his chest with a raised brow. "Come to get me, loverboy?" You asked, with a playful glint in your eyes.

Hoseok shook his head, looking down as he let out a airy laugh. You watched him with amused eyes as he stuck out his hand waiting for you to place your palm in his.

"No body leaves baby in a corner" hoseok said johnnys most popular line and you couldn't help but laugh. Grateful that your best friend was here to you cheer up as he lead you to the dance floor.

Okay, so maybe you could dance with the opposite sex but doesn't mean you could dance with any male. Hoseok held both your hands, his arms guiding you to step to the right then left. This is what made you love hoseok even more, though you have been friends for years, he has never touched you in a way that you felt uncomfortable. He would always ask your permission and that made him a true gentlemen in your opinion.

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