Chapter Twenty-Five

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The atmosphere back at the farm had suddenly changed and just for that afternoon the farm didn't feel like a place of work. She was there as a guest, the same as everyone else and wanted to enjoy herself as much as possible before resuming her position at the Donne farm as an employee the following Monday. But now sitting at the table in close proximity to the bride and groom Leigh felt as much a part of the family as Jamie had insisted she was back at the church. He was seated to her left and Brett to her right and they had the perfect view of the top table where the newlyweds were soon to be seated.

She glanced across at the top table and gave Becca a small wave- she was seated next to Maggie- and at the other end of the table were Harry's parents who Leigh hadn't seen since London all those years before and next to them was Harry's brother who was his best man. Everyone stood from their seats as the newly wedded couple entered and a soft guitar instrumental piece played as they took their seats. Harry thanked everyone for attending and told them to enjoy the wedding breakfast as the waiters they had hired brought out the starters.

As they ate their food Leigh made small conversation with the other guests sitting on their table. Harry's sister, Ava was seated across from them with her husband Daniel and three small children. She was older than Harry, presumably around thirty-five but her free spirited conversation made her seem as though she was still living in her early twenties. She mentioned more than once that she and her husband were looking forward to experiencing the party life the small town had to offer. They were both spirited adults and there was no surprise the children were just as lively as their parents. But despite Leigh attempting to immerse herself solely in the conversation of their table it was difficult as she frequently glanced across the room to where Robert Ezara and his date were seated.

"You know him?" Jamie said as he leaned to the side to bring himself into her line of sight. His statement was more of a question and Leigh knew he was aware of just that as he had always kept up with what was happening in the media.

"My ex," she stated with a nod. "But you probably knew that already."

He gave her a lopsided smile clearly feeling a little embarrassed that he knew so much about her life. "You worked together on 'At The Top,' right?"

He already knew the answer but regardless he answered. "Yeah, for six years."

"Were you together all that time?" Jamie asked.

"Were were on and off a lot of the time. We were both really different but we loved each other- at least I thought we did. I dunno, it was a weird time in my life when I was struggling with my addictions and I never really felt anything. I was always searching for something that made me feel and at first I thought Robert was it but when the show wanted us to work together so often and be an on screen couple it made the time we spent together less special and what we found intriguing about each other just became annoying. We tried to make it work but when I left the business but when I turned down a reality show the network wanted us to do he changed. He acted as if he respected my decision to leave the business and focus on my music but he kept surprising me with cameras to film our dates. I had enough of LA in general by then so that's when I left and moved here almost a year ago."

"Well I'm glad you did," Jamie said.

A moment later Harry stood from his chair at the top table and made his way over to where Leigh was sat. "Can I have a quick word outside?" He asked. As soon as they stepped out into the cool air Harry immediately began to apologise. "I'm so sorry. I had no clue he'd be here..." She immediately knew who Harry was talking about. "I sent him an invite last year and we never received an RSVP. He turned up yesterday with a date and it completely slipped my mind, I should have told you before you saw them."

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