25. Next bomb

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" No ! It's perfectly alright ,he should focus on his project and I don't want to go on a trip as well ....I just left my family behind I can't leave this country now ...not even for some days ....now I can go and meet them anytime but there I won't be able to ....and I am fine here, it's just it will take some time for me to adjust !! " I said slowly trying my level best to convince uncle .

I just hope that he agrees , I really don't want to go with Mr dumbhead anywhere.

He thinks for a moment , quite a long moment may I add, I crossed my fingers and then he sighs loudly .

" Okay , if you say so !! " He said .

And I was on the cloud nine , thank god he agreed or else I can't even imagine what would be my condition.
I see Mr dumbhead relaxed from the corner of my eye.

Well , he should thank me .
I saved him too !!!

Well , what can I say
I am just great

We all happily have our dinner or should I say me and Mr dumbhead .

Uncle and Auntie were not so pleased.

After that we went to our room .

Well I should tell you that Mr six packs was full on his Workoholic mode and was going in his study when uncle Logan tell him or rather order him to go to his room as it's getting late .

In other words , he order him to spend time with his newly wedded bride who apparently happens to be me !! Lucky me!
( note the sarcasm )

As soon as we both enter

" Thank god !! " I said

" Yeah ! We are saved.... for right now !! " He said

Oh ! Am I imagining things .
I just saw his lips moving .

And I also hear something
Am I going mad that I am hallucinating or did he really said something !!

I just looked at him .

" But now they won't try anything like that again , as they know you are busy and I don't want to go anywhere ....so it's settled , atleast for now !! " I said assuring him

" Hope so ! " He said picking up a file from the drawer.

" They won't !! We both made it quite clear that we are not interested !! " I let my point out .

As much as I don't want to talk to him and give him the same silent treatment which he gave me .
I know I can't .

Because we are in the same boat right now ! We have to do this together .

" That's the main point , I just hope they don't plan anything stupid again ! " He says in  a serious tone while looking at me.

" Why would you say that  ?! They won't do anything stupid  , just relax now!! " I said as I walk to the closet to take out my nightmares .

" They are my parents and I know them !! " He says as I walk to washroom .

" You are just being paranoid " I mutter and walk into the bathroom to have a soothing bath .

_______      ________

I heard that irritating noise echoing in my ears .
I groan loudly .

Well , I don't set my alarm now as  I am on holidays because I am newly married so I don't go to office.

And this irritating noise is just because of my so called husband .

This has been a routine now , every morning his irritating alarm disturb my sleep but i don't care .

I sleep again as if I never heard that voice even once in my entire life.

And now there is peace again

I drifted back to my slumber .

______     ______     ______

I was welcomed by bright  sunlight tickling on my face.

I open my eyes slowly , rubbed them and walk out from my bed to washroom .

On my way to washroom , my foot got struck in something I don't know what as I was still now up properly .

And I fall on floor quite hard leading me to wake up fully. And my sleep was gone out of window by now .

I got up and patted off the invisible dust off me and I see Mr six packs on his closest door .

I ignored his piercing gaze on me.


After a soothing bath I was ready to go for breakfast as it was  about time .

I kept my hairs loose .

I turn around hit a rock hard wall and trip again but someone hold me .

I open my eyes only to see Mr six packs loocking devilishly handsome and staring at me .

Realisation hit me and I found myself in his arms and he was that rock hard wall for your information .

I blinked and he helped me on my feet .

" You have quite a long history of falling ! " He says shaking his head.

" You bumped into me ! " I said not wanting to accept my wonderful-out-of-the-world talent .

" You could have keep your eyes open ! " He says

" It would happen even with my open eyes !! " I stated matter of fact , as it doesn't matter ...I can fall even without reason .

I don't need to blame my eyes.

He looks confused as I left the room .


On the breakfast

After helping auntie Grace to set the table , I greeted uncle Logan when he came.

Then we devoured the food in from of us.

When we were all done .

" I am getting late ,I should leave !! " He is again back in his Workoholic mode .

" Wait , we have something to discuss ! " auntie Grace stops him .

He becomes alert so did I

Uncle Logan starts " about the conversation we had on dinner last night , you both made your points clear.... So now he can't go because of his project ( he points at Mr Workoholic with his finger) and you ( now he points at me with his same finger ) because you'll miss your family and can't leave them . Right ?? "

He questions us both , we look at each other and then nod

" So we discussed and came to an another solution " he offers , my eyes goes wide

What has they planned now
Why can't they let us be on our own .

" Now , you both will live together in our penthouse for next six months  " auntie Grace  declared with a smile.

WE WHAT ??!!

She continues " it's your wedding gift from us , as you both rejected that honeymoon offer !! "

Oh god !!

Six months that too with him
No way !!

Honeymoon was far better than this .

Can I pick that now ??!


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