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ELLA HAD SEEN HER brother in different stages of panic before, but this was a whole new level. He was sprinting for his life, dodging the heel her mother threw. Faiza shouted something, before giving up halfway through, already too far behind for them to hear. With a hand on her chest she bent forward, panting, but her mother and Seb didn't seem like they were close to tired at all.

Will started cheering for Seb like this was a race her brother could win somehow. Praying for him would be a much better option now, especially because she saw her mother pick up her heel halfway through. Even Levi seemed somewhat scared for him, shaking his head slowly.

"Should we help?" Mia asked, worry in her chocolate eyes.

"This is too amusing to watch," Ella said with a shake of her head.

They were getting closer to them and Sebastian finally noticed her, eyes widening as he started waving frantically.

"Ella! Ella, she's going to kill me!"

"Oh, don't be so dramatic, Sebastian," her mother yelled," and stop running right now!"

"I am too young to die!" Sebastian exclaimed," and far too handsome, it would be the biggest los for all the ladies."

"I'm going to miss annoying you, Seb," Ella said solemnly," have fun in heaven."

"Don't joke around like that, Ella!" he shouted," we both know I'm going to hell."

"Sebastian Jay Martinez! You better hold it right now!"

Her brother let out a scream which sounded too high for his tall, muscular frame, but bravely continued running.

"First you get arrested," her mother yelled," then you make plans to hang out with the criminals you spent the night there with and somehow get arrested again by shouting that all cops are bastards in the middle of a police station?"

He stopped running right in front of them, a sheepish smile on his face as his mother slowed down behind him. Ella didn't know if she found her mother scarier when she had been running or now, while she was walking towards Sebastian with a calm expression on her face. She could read from her brother's face he was wondering the same.

"So that may not have been the smartest thing to do," Sebastian began, parting his lips for an argument on his behalf but not coming up with one.

"It was not," her mother frowned," and why the hell did all the police officers know you by your name?"

"Racial profiling," Sebastian said without blinking," they just assumed I was called Martinez because I am Hispanic. I'm going to file a complaint, I swear."

"One of them congratulated you on your birthday in two weeks," her mother said.

"Who knew Peters and that kind personality of his would be my end one day," he murmured under his breath, before turning towards their mother with a wide grin," so, I can explain -"

"You're exactly like your father," her mother sighed, though there was no venom in her words. It sounded more like a compliment and it made Sebastian beam, in a way as soft as summer nights. She held up a finger, face becoming stern again. "That doesn't mean you won't get punished for this."

"It's alright, mamá," he smiled, mood completely lifted," I know you love me."

Her mother begrudgingly hugged him, though her face became softer once she closed her arms around him.

"You worried me, Sebastian," she said," I'm glad you're okay."

"I'm glad too," Will beamed, his hand flying to his lips immediately after," wait, I didn't ruin the moment, did I?"

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