[23] A Chance

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B O Y ' S

The morning passed by slowly, myself moping around at home. It was the afternoon now and Liam had just come over with a batch of brownies. He came over unaware of how emotionally unsteady I was.

Archer West currently made me feel a number of emotions. And happy was not one of them.

Once Liam realized how upset I was he called Arden over, not even bothering to ask what was upsetting me. He knew that Arden could always make me feel better, Arden always knew what to say.

Liam was unsuccessful in trying to make me smile, his corny jokes just weren't cutting it. Arden arrived twenty minutes after Liam, bringing her positive attitude.

I groan because I'm simply not in a happy spirit, I kind of just found out that Archer introduced my ex-boyfriend to my cousin just so that he could get paid.

I cannot tell if the news upsets me or if it makes me sad, perhaps a mixture of both. All I know is that it shocks me and that I need time to process it all.

"Let's go to a party, it'll be fun," Arden says, pulling me out of bed.

"It's a Sunday," I mumble, not ready to face the real world.

"We don't have school tomorrow and Evan the quarterback is throwing a party," she responds, shutting my hesitations down.

I don't say anything and just sigh, Arden takes my sigh as a sign of compliance and proceeds by kicking Liam out of the room.

I stand in front of my bed, ready for Arden to rummage through my closest and find a party-appropriate dress. I mean, if I were to choose something she would just instantly reject it.

Arden pulls out a little black dress and some pumps for me to wear. After I begin to change, Arden grabs an outfit for herself from my closet. Arden and I are practically sisters so I certainly don't mind her borrowing my clothes, she would do the same.

I put on some make-up, finding the need to cover up my previously distraught appearance. Concealer is truly a girl's best friend.

In about twenty minutes we're both dressed and ready, Arden wearing a red dress while I wear a black one.

We walk out to the living room to see Liam in a different shirt from before. He must have gone home to quickly change and get ready.

"You look beautiful," he says to me, his eyes directed towards me rather than Arden.

I give him a small smile, Arden evidently rolls her eyes.

We make our way to Liam's car, the drive to the party being no more than seven minutes.

Once we drive up to the lot the sound of music rings in my ears, numerous other cars also parking at the same time. 

Liam parks the car and then walks over to my side in order to open the door for me, I thank him in return.

Liam puts an arm around my waist and says in my ear, "I don't want guys thinking that they can just hit on you."

"People think I'm dating Archer," I say into his ear, hoping that our position wouldn't send any wrong signals to others.

"Well, where is he? If he's not going to be here for you, I am," he replies.

The house is shaking when we step inside, a number of strangers walking past the foyer. The smell of alcohol and various fragrances fills the house.

Arden excuses herself from Liam and I, claiming that she left something in the car.

Liam leads us to the kitchen, numerous bottles of alcohol and sodas on display.

Liam takes an unopened bottle of soda and pours the liquid in a red plastic cup, Liam never was a big drinker. His dad was a major alcoholic for the longest time and he doesn't feel like following in his father's footsteps. Liam gets two cups, one for him and one for me.

After we get our drinks we squeeze our way out of the kitchen and make our way outside by the pool. Liam takes my hand into his in order to ensure that I don't get lost in the crowd. The host of the party walks up to us, greeting us with a large grin.

"Hey, Liam," he says to Liam, patting him on the back.

"Hey, Evan. Nice party," Liam replies, his grip on my hand firmer.

Evan takes a glance at us and looks at our interlocked hands. But, his attention quickly switches to something behind us.

Evan smirks before saying, "I would let her hand go if I were you, Liam."

Liam gives a confused look, taking a glance behind him. I take a glance back as well, dropping my soda as soon as my eyes see a familiar sight.

I see Archer and he's standing there with a bottle of Vodka in one of his hands.

Archer looks at me, I look back at him and take my hand out of Liam's.

He opens his mouth to say something, but no words come out.

I too don't say anything and just simply walk back inside after picking up the cup of the drink I spilled. I spot Arden and quickly pull her away from a girl she's talking to.

"I have to go," I tell her, expecting for her to try and convince me to stay.

But, she doesn't. She just gives me a small smile.

"Okay, I'll see you back at your house in less than an hour, I've got some things to sort out," she tells me, pressing her phone against her right ear.

I walk outside to the front of the house, hearing the footsteps of another trailing behind me.

I turn around entirely.

"You can't leave without me," Liam says.

I sigh a sigh of relief, it isn't Archer. Of course, it isn't Archer because he doesn't care enough to chase after me.

Liam and I get into the car, however, he doesn't start the engine.

"What happened with Archer?" Liam asks softly, knowing that it probably is a touchy subject.

I sigh once more.

"Archer's an asshole," I manage to say.

Liam laughs a bit before replying, "I could have told you that, Ellie."

Silence fills the car for the next minute. Silence because anyone could tell that Archer is an asshole. 

"Ellie, could you do something for me?" Liam asks, breaking the momentary silence.

His eyes find their way to look at me, a serious expression on his face.

"Give me a chance."

A second later Liam starts the engine and we're driving away from the house party. His eyes don't glance over at me the whole car ride, they're now focused on the road.

The car stops in between our houses, but he doesn't shut off the engine. Instead, he just stares at the dashboard.

"I love you and yet you're hung up on some smirking asshole," he says in barely a whisper.

I put one of my hands on him, just above his right knee. The action attracts his attention, he looks over at me.

"I can trust you with my heart right?" I ask him, a slightly forced smile appearing on my face.

He gives a nod and moves closer to me, planting a kiss on my forehead.


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